Kingdom of Nek Riuh / Prov. Kalimantan Barat

The kingdom of Nek Riuh is located on provinsi West Kalimantan, District of Sambas.
The kingdom existed in the 13-14th century.

District of Sambas

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History of the kingdom

Before the establishment of the Sambas Sultanate in 1671 which was an Islamic kingdom that existed in the estuary of Ulakan, there were Hindu kingdoms on Sambas region which controled the Sambas River region and its surroundings. Based on the existing data, the order of these kingdoms that once existed on Sambas region until the establishment of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, was:
* Kingdom of Wijaya Pura around the 7th century AD – 9 M.
* Kingdom of Nek Riuh around the 13th century AD – 14 M.
* The Kingdom of Tan Unggal around the 15th century AD
* Panembahan Sambas (Queen Sepudak) in the 16th century AD
* Sambas Sultanate in the 17th century AD – 20 AD.

The Kingdom of Nek Riuh was founded by a Dayak tribe of Bakati Rara named Nek Riuh. According to the oral tradition that developed in the midst of Sambas society that the government of the Kingdom of Nek Riuh / Kingdom of Lara was located in the area of Sungai Raya.
Authentically the Kingdom of Nek Riuh is listed in the great Negarakertagama book of Mpu Prapanca in Majapahit (1365) under King Hayam Wuruk and Mahapatih Gajah Mada, which states that one of the Majapahit Kingdom’s Majapahit lands on the island of Borneo is a kingdom in which the king calls himself “Nek Riuh”.

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Tentang kerajaan Nek Riuh:
Tentang kerajaan Nek Riuh:


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