Kingdom of Belu / Isl. of Timor – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Belu was located on the island of Timor, kabupaten Belu, provinsi Nusa Tenggara Timur.

West Timor (Indon. part = yellow)

Location of Timor

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History of the kingdom

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In accordance with various studies and historical stories of the area in Belu, the first Belu people inhabiting the Belu region were ‘Melus Tribe.’ Melus people were known as Emafatuk oan ai oan (stone and wood dwellers). Melus human type is strong-body, and short stature.
In addition to the newcomers, the inhabitants of Belu actually came from Sina Mutin Malaka. Malacca as the land of migrant origin in Belu sailing to Timor through Larantuka.
Especially for newcomers who inhabited Belu area, there are various versions of the story. Nevertheless, the point is that there is a universal similarity that can be drawn from all information and data.

There is a story that there were three brothers from Malacca land, who came and lived in Belu, mixed with indigenous Melus tribe. The names of the three brothers according to the customary elders of each region were different.
From makoan Fatuaruin called Nekin Mataus (Likusen), Suku Mataus (Sonbay), and Bara Mataus (Fatuaruin). While Makoan from Dirma called them Loro Sankoe (Debuluk, Welakar), Loro Banleo (Dirma, Sanleo) and Loro Sonbay (Dawan). But according to some Makoan from Besikama originating from Malacca they were Wehali Nain, Wewiku Nain and Haitimuk Naik.
The migrants from Malacca were
titled lords or loro and had a clear territory with an intimate community and community. Their arrival to the Malacca land was only to establish inter-regional trade relations in the field of sandalwood and ethnic religious relations.

While from all comers in Belu the leadership was held by Maromak Oan Liurai Nain in Belu, part south. Even according to foreign researchers Maromak Oan also penetrated up to some areas Dawan (Insana and Biboki).

Kingdoms on Timor, 1900

List of Liurai of Belu

Silsilah Liurai Fatuaruin (Liurai Wehali) yang memerintah Belu :

  1. Hoa Diak Malaka
  2. Dasin Don Peur
  3. Dasin Dinik Liurai
  4. Dasin Neken Liurai
  5. Dasin Bada Mataus
  6. Dasin Don Alesu Fernandes
  7. Dasin Liurai Muskita
  8. Seran Tae Boboto Rui
  9. Dasin Tei Seran
  10. Dasin Tere Atok Liurai I
  11. Dasin Tere Atok II
  12. Dasin Tey Seran Liurai
  13. Josef Seran Fatin (Nai Bot Liurai Malaka)
  14. Anton Tey Seran
  15. Louis Sanaka Tey Seran


Old maps of Timor

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Timor 1521

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