Kingdom of Amarasi / Isl. of Timor – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Amarasi is located on the island of Timor, district Kupang.
This kingdom exists since the 17th century.

Location of Timor


District Kupang

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About the king

Present king / Usif: Usif Robert Maurits Koroh.

Usif Robert Maurits Koroh and Queen Mirah Koroh, 2012

Middle: Usif Robert Maurits Koroh and Ratu Mirah Koroh, King and Queen of Amarasi. July 2012

History of the kingdom of Amarasi

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Amarasi is a traditional kingdom in West Timor, now an Indonesian territory. This kingdom had an important role in Timor’s political history during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, becoming a client country of the Portuguese colonials, and later became part of the Dutch East Indies.

European sources confirm that Amarasi was a powerful empire in West Timor at the beginning of the 17th century. This kingdom was influenced by Catholicism through Dominican missionaries in the 1630s, and it turned out to be an important client country for Portugal. As a result, Amarasi against the Dutch East Indies Company (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie or VOC), which seeks to extend its powers in Timor because it is attracted to commercial value sandalwood. A sizeable Dutch expedition led by Arnold de Vlaming van Oudshoorn (1656) was defeated by Amarasi and Portugal.

For nearly a century after this event, Amarasi remained a subordinate of Portugal, against the VOC client countries in Timor particularly in the Kupang region. This battle is a small-scale war. Amarasi actually counted as one of the proof of Portuguese power in Timor in this era.

In 1749, the Amarasi army was forced to participate in a large-scale war led by Portugal against the Dutch in Kupang. In the Battle of Penfui, Portugal was repulsed by VOC troops, while Amarasi fled the battlefield and then submitted to the VOC. In a short time, in 1752, Amarasi sought to withdraw from the Netherlands and rejoin Portugal. However, this kingdom was defeated by another Dutch client country, the king of Amarasi committed suicide, and most of the people were killed or enslaved. The rest of Amarasi residents were allowed to settle on their land after a few years. From this point, this kingdom remained in Dutch power until the 1940s.

Map of kingdoms on Timor, 1900

List of kings

Versi 1

1)  16….-1665: Pangeran Ishak Koroh
2) 1665: Dom Antonio
3) 1665-1688: Dom Tomas (kakak)
4) 1688-1703: Dom Antonio II
5) 1703: Dom Alfonco
6) 1703-1714: Dom Augusto Fernandes
7) 1714: Nai Soti
8) 1749-1752: Dom Luis Hornay
9) 1752-1774: Dom Alfonco hornay (son)
10) 1774-1802: Dom Rote Ruatefu (son)
11)  1803-1832: Kiri Lote(son)
12) 1832-1853: Koroh Kefi
13) 1853-1871: Obe Koroh (nephew)
14) 1872-1887: Rasi Koroh (nephew)
15) 1888-1891: Taku Obe ( child of Obe Koroh )
16) 1892-1914: Rasi Koroh (second time)
17) 1914-1923: Ishak Koroh (older brother)
18) 1923-1925: Alexander Koroh (grandchild of Rasi Koroh)
19) 1925-1951: Hendrik Arnold Koroh (older brother) king Amarasi ke-19
20) 1951-1962: Victor Koroh

– Sumber:

King of Amarasi, Koroh, with his guards, 1900.

Versi 2

Before the Nai Rasi Uf Dynasty reigned in Amarasi, there was one dynasty, that ruled in advance in the area around Teunbaun or Amarasi western part of the Bureni Dynasty.

A. Dinasti Bureni:

1. Bureni Natu Taek
2. Natu Bureni
3. Teuf Bureni (….- 1615)

B. Dinasti Nai Rasi Uf:

1. Nai Rasi Uf/Nai Rasi/Rais Jam (1620-1639)

2. Nafi Rasi adalah putera dari Nai Rasi Uf (1639-1665)
3. Tus Rasi (1665-1678)
4. Nai Sif Rasi/Nai Siney (1678-1688)
5. Fo Rasi (1688-1703)

6. Tus Rasi (1703-1714)
6. Muni Rasi (1714)
8. Nai Soti…..Fo Rasi…? (1714-1749)
9. Esu Rasi (1749-1752)
10. Kiri Rasi atau Baki Ktuta (1752-1774)

11. Muni Rasi atau Tobe Smara (1774-1802)
12. Koroh Rasi atau Tob Mnon (1802-1803)
13. Muni Obe (1803)
13. Tefa Koroh (1803-1832)
14. Kefi Rasi or Koroh Kefi or Tobe Mnatu (1832-1853)
15. Obe Koroh (1853-1871)
16. Rasi Koroh (1872-1887)
17. Taku Obe (1888-1891)
18. Rasi Koroh, second time (1892-1914)
19. Ishak Koroh (1914-1923)

20. Alexander Koroh grandchild of Rasi Koroh (1923-1925)
21. Hendrik Arnold Koroh older brother of Alexander Koroh (1925-1955)
22. Viktor Hendrik Rasiam Koroh (1951-1962)

Palace of the kingdom

Old maps of Timor

Fot old maps of Timor 1521, 1550, 1600, 1650, 1733, 1700-an, 1762, 1900: klik here

Timor 1521

Source (only indon. language)

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