Kingdom of Kindang / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Bulukumba

Kingdom of Kindang is located in Sulawesi, district Bulukumba, prov. South Sulawesi.
It was a small kingdom under the power of Gowa kingdom; founded in the 17th century.

District Bulukumba

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About the king

The king  (2016): Karaeng Lanyyaka ri Kindang.

History of the kingdom

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The Kingdom of Kindang was under the Kingdom of Gowa, and formed in the 17th century AD where during the Treaty of Bungaya (1667) one of the oldest sombayya RI Gowa (Karaengta Manangngi) was disappointed and did not want to accept the results of the agreement, and found Kindang; he was the first King of Kindang. The title of the king of Kindang is Karaeng Kindang There is historical evidence, that all kings are buried above Saukang, which is now located in Dusun Bungaya Desa Kindang Village. There is an and a Old House (Balla Sengnga) which was the Palace of King Kindang VII (Kurru Dg Sahi ) that is still intact until now.

The territory of the kingdom of Kindang until the reign of the Third King (Karaeng Alomoa) was: The north  bordered by Anyorang River (now Sapo Bonto Village of Bulukumpa), east of Bonto Lohe Kecamatan. Rilau ale, to the south of Maesa River is now Pattaneteang Village Kec. Tompo Bulu Kab. Bantaeng and West side adjacent to District High Moncong Kab. Gowa.

List of kings (Karaeng)

1. Raja Pertama adalah I Masanrangan Dg. Manai (Karaeng Mannangngi Bangsawan dari Gowa sejaman dengan Karanta Data)
2. Raja II Karaeng Canggoreng
3. Raja III karaeng Alomoa
4. Raja IV Parappa Dg. Marewa bergelar Karaeng Cammoa
5. Raja V  Daeng Paewa bergelar Karaeng Lompoa
6. Raja VI Sudari Dg. Marowa
7. 1938-1954: Raja VII Kurru Dg. Sahi
• Karaeng Salengke (1948-1954)
• Karaeng Sudari (Kepala Distrik Kindang) 1954
• Karaeng Maddolangan (1954-1959)

– Sumber / Source:

Middle: Karaeng (king) Lanyyaka ri Kindang of kingdom of Kindang. 2016

History of the kingdoms in area Bulukumba

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Begin of the sixteenth century was the beginning of the development of small kingdoms in Bulukumba in terms of economy, defense and, as well, could exercise their power so well as ruler of the kingdom. It’s just that threats and challenges often come and go.
The first kingdom in Bulukumba was Kajang Amma Toa. There are some other small kingdoms in Bulukumba.
Some of these small kingdoms in Bulukumba were:
* Kingdom of Tanete,
* Kingdom of (Gantarang) Kindang,
* Kingdom of Hero Langnge-langnge,
* Kingdom of Ujung Loe,
Kingdom of Kajang,
* Kingdom of Tiro,
* kerajaan Ara Bontohari.

In the 16th-17th century the kingdom of Bone and the kingdom of Gowa fought in the seizure of power territory ie bangkeng buki ‘area, which is in the area of Bulukumba now.
Finally, these two kingdoms re-reconcile and supported the kings in Bulukumba to maintain their territories.
Because they already know the cunning of the Dutch and its allies, they pitted all the kings to fight each other. Because the Dutch thought if all the kingdom were united, it is more difficult to master them.

Map of South Sulawesi, incl. Bulukumba, 1909

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