Kingdom of Sunggal / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The kingdom of Sunggal: 1629 – end of 19th century. Located in the Deli region, north Sumatera province.

Provinsi of North Sumatera

District Deli Serdang

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About the Datuk (king)

The last Datuk was, Haji Khairil Anwar Surbakti, he died 27 sept. 2011.

History of the kingdom

The kingdom was founded by clan KaroKaro Surbakti. Kesultanan‘s heydays were during the leadership of Sultan Budiuzzaman Surbakti (Datuk Item Surbakti).
Datuk Sunggal was strongly opposed to the annexation of Karo by the Dutch, the Dutch wanted to establish tobacco plantations in Deli. During the war the Sunggal Karo people were helped by the people of Aceh (weaponry) and Malay people.
This war took a long time and was the greatest war in Indonesia, other than the war of Pattimura in Ambon and the war of Bubutandi on Bali. Dutch suffered huge losses in this war.

List of kings
* 1629-1651: Adir Surbakti
* 1651-1667: Mahbub Surbakti
* 1667-1792: Bubud Surbakti
* 1792-1821: Datuk Andan/Undan Surbakti
* 1821-1845: Datuk Amar Laut Surbakti was the successor to the Sunggal throne, who moved his central government to Jejabi.
* 1845-1857: Datuk Abdullah Ahmad Surbakti ascend the throne 1845 – 1857
* 1857-1866: Regen. Datuk Akhmad died 1857, Datuk Badiuzzazman was only 12 tahunyears old, then after family deliberation, Datuk Kecil was assigned reign the Sunggal Kingdom until Datuk Badiuzzazman was matures. Little Datuk led Sunggal until 1866.
* 1866-1895: Datuk Badiuzzazman Surbakti was installed as king of Sunggal/Serbanyaman in 1866 with the title Datuk Sri Diraja Indra Pahlawan until 1895.

Datuk Haji Khairil Anwar Surbakti +27 sept. 2011

Datuk Haji Khairil Anwar Surbakti. Died 27 sept. 2011