Kingdom of Mempawah / Prov. Kalimantan Barat

کراجاءن ممڤاو

The Kingdom of Mempawah: 1740 – 1950. Located in the District of Mempawah, Province of West Kalimantan.

District of Mempawah

Province of West Kalimantan 

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About the King

The title of the king of Mempawah: Pangeran Ratu.

Present Panembahan (febr. 2014): Pangeran Ratu Mardan Adijaya Kesuma  Ibrahim (Panembahan XIII). The present king was installed on 12 – 08 – 2002.

History of the kingdom of Mempawah

The kingdom of Mempawah is a Islamic kingdom in West Kalimantan. This royal ruler hold the title of Panembahan (not Sultan). In the past times Mempawah was a subordinate kingdom of the kingdom of Tanjung Pura. During the Dutch colonial period, the Dutch government appointed Pontianak Sultanate as the Dutch representative to preside over all the kings in West Kalimantan.
Therefore the rulers of Mempawah and 12 other regional kingdoms have the title of Panembahan. There are only 2 kings, who hold the title of Sultan (this is higher than Panembahan): Sultan of Pontianak and Sultan of Sambas.

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List of kings

* 1740–1761: Opu Daeng Menambon with the title Pangeran Mas Surya Negara
* 1761–1787: Gusti Jamiril with the title Panembahan Adiwijaya Kesuma
* 1787–1808: Syarif Kasim with the title Panembahan Mempawah
* 1808–1820: Syarif Hussein
* 1820–1831: Gusti Jati with the title Sri Paduka Muhammad Zainal Abidin

* 1831–1839: Gusti Amin with the title Panembahan Adinata Krama Umar Kamaruddin
* 1839-1858: Gusti Mukmin with the title Panembahan Mukmin Nata Jaya Kusuma
* 1858: Gusti Makhmud with the title Panembahan Muda Makhmud Alauddin
* 1858-1872: Gusti Usman with the title Panembahan Usman
* 1872-1892: Gusti Ibrahim with the title Panembahan Ibrahim Muhammad Syafiuddin

* 1982-1902: Gusti Intan with the title Ratu Permaisuri
* 1902-1944: Gusti Muhammad Thaufiq Accamuddin
* 1944-1955: Gusti Mustaan; installed by the japanese
* 1955-2002: Gusti Jimmi Muhammad Ibrahim with the title Panembahan XII
* 2002-today (2018): Pangeran Ratu Mulawangsa Mardan Adijaya Kesuma Ibrahim with the title Panembahan XIII

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Kingdoms on West Kalimantan

About the palace

Amantubillah Palace was built during the reign of Gusti Jamiril, Panembahan Adiwijaya Kusuma (1761-1787). In 1880, the Palace Amantubillah caught fire during the reign of Gusti Ibrahim, Panembahan Ibrahim Mohammad Syafiuddin (1864-1892). The palace was rebuild.

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