Kingdom of Soppengriaja (Balusu) / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – kab. Barru

The kingdom of Soppengriaja, also called the kingdom of Balusu, was a kingdom on Sulawesi, in District Barru, prov. South Sulawesi.
The kingdom of Soppeng Riaja was one of the four kingdoms that once existed and now forms Barru Regency (Tanete, Barru, Nepo / Mallusetasi, and Balusu / Soppeng Riaja).

District Barru

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History of the Soppengriaja kingdom

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Soppeng Riaja Kingdom and Balusu Kingdom

Before becoming a separate kingdom Balusu was part of the territory of the Nepo Kingdom. However, when To Manurung, who came from Soppeng, appeared in Balusu, then the Balusu region was separated from Nepo to form its own kingdom. The origin of the name Balusu kingdom itself comes from the name of a type of snail that is widely found in the Balusu sea. The Nepo Kingdom followed the Suppa Kingdom, but the Balusu kingdom followed the Soppeng Kingdom, so the Balusu kingdom was also called the Soppeng Riaja Kingdom.

History of the Soppeng Riaja kingdom

According to the chronicles, the Soppeng area was actually an urban area. The original inhabitants of this area originally came from two places, Sewo and Gattareng. These two groups left their respective areas and lived side by side in Soppeng. The group that came from the Sewo area was called the Soppeng Riaja people, and the group from Gattareng was called the Soppeng Rilau. They were then led by the heads in each of the two regions, which numbered sixty people at that time.

Later, a Tomanurung appeared in Sekkannyilli (Soppeng Riaja area). Alliance leaders of Soppeng Riaja and Soppeng Rilau agreed to appoint Tomanurung as king. Unfortunately, ManurungngE ri Sekkannyili “refused” the appointment except with three conditions: not betrayed, not affiliated, and appointed his one-time cousin, who was also tomanurung in Libureng (Soppeng Rilau area) as king in Soppeng Rilau. And so, the Soppeng region was first ruled by two Tomanurung “twin” kings through the division of territory. Furthermore, after the death of these two kings, it were their descendants who took turns continuing their rule by combining the Soppeng Riaja and Soppeng Rilau regions into one territory which was then called the kingdom of Soppeng.

Kingdoms in South Sulawesi, 1909 


List of kings

1906 Soppengriaja formed by merger of Balusu, Kiru, and Kamiri.

1) Balusu (Penguasa / ruler: Datuk)
…. – 1906: Baso Patta Bau Lampoko

2) Kiru (Penguasa / ruler: Aru)
…. – 1906: La Tobo Patta Lenrang

3) Kamiri

No records

4) 1908: Soppengriaja (formed by merger of Balusu, Kiru, and Kamiri) (Penguasa / ruler: Aru)
1906 – 19 Aug 1920: La Tobo Patta Lenrang
19 Aug 1920 – 18 Feb 1932: La Maddiawe
18 Feb 1932 – 1950: Yusuf

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