Kingdom of Soppengriaja / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Barru

The kingdom of Soppengriaja was a kingdom on Sulawesi, in Kab. Barru, prov.South Sulawesi.

Provinsi of South Sulawesi

District of Barru

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About the kingdom

The district of Barru before it was formed, there were several small kingdoms each of which was led by a king, namely: Kerajaan Berru (Barru), Kerajaan Tanete, Kerajaan Soppeng Riaja and Kerajaan Mallusetasi.
1906 Soppengriaja was formed, combining Balusu, Kiru, and Kamiri.
The Dutch government established Dutch Civil Administration, where the territory of Barru Kingdom, Tanete and Soppeng Riaja were included in Onder Afdelling Barru territory under the of shade Afdelling Parepare. As head of the Onder Afdelling Government was appointed a Dutch controller, based in Barru, while the three former kingdoms (Barru, Tanete, Soppengriaja) were given the status of Self Bestuur (Self-Governing Government) which had the autonomous right to administer day-to- in the field of judicative.
In ancient times, Lawallu Village, Soppeng Riaja Sub-district, Barru Regency, was the center of Soppeng’s western royal government or Soppeng Riaja. It was proved to be the remains of relics and the descendants of the nobles who were still alive.
After that Lawallu entered in the area of Siddo Village along the hamlet Uring and Tanrabalana.

Kingdoms in South Sulawesi, 1909 


List of kings

1906 Soppengriaja formed by merger of Balusu, Kiru, and Kamiri.

1) Balusu (Penguasa / ruler: Datuk)
…. – 1906: Baso Patta Bau Lampoko

2) Kiru (Penguasa / ruler: Aru)
…. – 1906: La Tobo Patta Lenrang

3) Kamiri

No records

4) 1908: Soppengriaja (formed by merger of Balusu, Kiru, and Kamiri) (Penguasa / ruler: Aru)
1906 – 19 Aug 1920: La Tobo Patta Lenrang
19 Aug 1920 – 18 Feb 1932: La Maddiawe
18 Feb 1932 – 1950: Yusuf

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