Kingdoms in the region Takalar / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan

The District of Takalar is located on Sulawesi, prov. Sulawesi Selatan.

Provinsi of South Sulawesi

Kabupaten Takalar

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About the kingdoms in the District of Takalar

Takalar District, whose birthday is on February 10, 1960, was founded through long stages of struggle. Previously, Takalar as Onder afdeling was incorporated in Swatantra MAKASSAR area, together with Onder afdeling Makassar, Gowa, Maros, Pangkajene Islands and Jeneponto.

Onder afdeling Takalar, oversaw several districts (customary gemen chap) namely: District Polombangkeng, District Galesong, District Topejawa, District Takalar, District Laikang, District Sanrobone.
Each District was governed by a Head of Government who had the title of Karaeng, but the District Topejawa was governed by Head of Government who had the title of Lo’mo.

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– Sejarah kab. Takalar:
 Sejarah kab. Takalar: