Kingdom of Banawa (Donggala) / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – kab. Donggala

The Kingdom of Banawa is located in District Donggala, prov. of central Sulawesi. This kingdom is a kingdom of the Kaili People.
This kingdom was founded in the 2nd half of the 15th century.
The Pudjananti Kingdom, which existed from the 11th century until the 15th century, was transformed into the Banawa Kingdom.

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About the king

7 okt. 2014
From the Royal Family of Banawa: (FB): The latest King of Banawa, Laparenrengi Lamarauna, King of Banawa the 13.

Last king of Banawa: Laruhana Lamarauna. King the XIIth. 1937 – 1947.

History of the kingdom of Banawa

Before it was conquered by the Dutch government in 1904, Donggala region was a region with several kingdoms, who stood on their own, namely:
1. Kingdom of Palu
2. Kingdom of Sigi Dolo
3. Kingdom of Kulawi
4. Kingdom of Biromaru
5. Kingdom of Banawa
6. Kingdom of Tawaili
7. Kingdom of Moutong
8. Kingdom of Parigi

The Banawa Kingdom was founded by Sawerigading (7th century) with his son named La Galigo. The predecessor of the Banawa Kingdom was a civilization belonging to the Kaili Tribe called the Pudjananti Kingdom or often referred to as the Old Banawa Kingdom. Pudjananti, which since the 14th century AD was transformed into the Kingdom of Banawa.
During the reign of King  Banawa VII La Sa Banawa (1800 – 1845) and King IX La Marauna, Banawa (1903 – 1926) was a local kingdom; it had an area of about 460,000 hectares.
Since the reign of King Banawa VII La Makagili, the kingdom of Banawa was centered in Pudjananti but moved exactly on July 23, 1893 to Donggala. Since then, Donggala became the capital of the Kingdom of Banawa until the end of the reign of King Banawa XII Andi Parenrengi or La Parenrengi. In line with the abolition of unoccupied areas throughout Indonesia, now Banawa just a Donggala districts of the capital.

Map of Tawaili, Parigi, Palu, Banawa. 1916

List of Magau (king)

1) King Banawa I, I Badantasa,
2) 1552 – 1557: King Banawa II, I Tasa Banawa,
3) 1650 – 1698: King Banawa III, Intoraya
4) 1698 – 1758: King Banawa IV, La Bugia,
5) 1758 – 1800: King Banawa V, Isa Bida, queen
6) 1800 – 1845: King Banawa VI, Puteri Sandudogie, queen
7) 1845 – 1889: King Banawa VII, La Sa Banawa (with the title “Mpue Mputi”)
8) 1889 – 1903: King Banawa VIII, La Makagili,
9) 1903 – 1926: King Banawa IX, La Marauna (with the title “Mpue Totua”).
10)1926 – 1932: King Banawa X, La Gaga
11) 1932 – 1947: King Banawa XI, La Ruhana
12) 1947 – 1959: King Banawa XII, La Parenrengi, youngest son of Raja La Marauna married with Hajja Sania Tombolotutu. Last king of the kingdom of Banawa. He died in Palu 1986.

King of Banawa IX, La Marauna (titled “Mpue Totua”), 1903-1926

History of the kingdoms in Donggala region

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