Kingdom of Pakantan Dolok / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The kingdom of Pakantan Dolok is located on Sumatera, District of Mandailing Natal, prov. of North Sumatera.
This kingdom is a kingdom of the Mandailing People.

District of Mandailing Natal

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History of the kingdom of Pakantan Dolok

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Several Clans, who are found in Pakantan, were: Clan of Lubis, Clan of Hasibuan, Clan of Nasution, Clan of Batubara and Clan of Lintang.

According to Tarombo (genealogy) the Lubis clan in Pakantan were the ancestor of Datu Sang Maima Na Bolon. Several generations later, the descendant of Datu is named Namora Pande Bosi II.

And then, several generations later was born Sutan Mogol, a direct descendant of Mangaradja Ulu Balang. Around the 1540s, King Mangalaon Tua (King Pakantan I), opened the village in Pakantan. At that time the head of the village in Huta Padang was the son of the first Old Mangalaon King, Namora Tolang. King Gumanti Porang Debata, the second son became king in Pakantan Dolok. Then the third son of King Mangalaon, King Sutan Barayun, became king in Pakantan Lombang.

The conversion of Parbegu  (not religious, animism), to Islam in Pakantan is closely related to the Padri War in Bonjol (1825-1830). The royal officers of that time entered many areas of Pakantan and other Mandailing areas to spread the religion of Islam.

Dutch Zending Mission has assigned Hendrick Dirks to take part in Pakantan. With the approval of the head of Pakantan Lombang, Raja Mangatas, he got a land loan in 1871. Finally Dirks made a house. Then the village was known as Huta Bargot.

Christianity spread to Pakantan, much earlier than the entry of Christians to the area of ​​Silindung and Toba. Christianity to Pakantan Madina was brought by evangelists from Russia and Switzerland in 1821, while Christian teachings brought to Toba were brought by missionaries from Germany. That is why the oldest church in South Tapanuli is located in Pakantan Huta Bargot.

Source (only in indon. language)

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