Kingdoms in Toraja Region / Sulawesi – prov. Sul.Selatan

There are seveal kingdoms in the District Tana Toraja, prov. Sulawesi Selatan:
* Kalindobulanan Lepongan Bulan,
* Makale, ruler is called: Puang Basse Kakanna Makale,
* Sangalla’, ruler is called: Puang Basse Tanganna Sangalla’,
* Mangkendek, ruler is called: Puang Basse Adinna Mengkendek.

Later there was the kingdom of Tana Toraja Tongkonan Sassa’.

District Tanah Toraja

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History of the kingdoms

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Puang Tamboro Langi was the founder and also the first king of Kalindobulanan Lepongan Bulan (Tana Toraja). According to the saga, he descended from the sky at the peak of Mount Kandora in District Mengkendek, Tana Toraja in the mid-4th century AD.
By Puang Bullu Mattua, the Kingdom of Kalindobulanan Lepongan Bulan was divided into three Kingdoms namely:

* Makale,
* Sangalla’,
* Mangkendek.

This division was performed on an oath base called Basse Tallu Lembangna. The three kingdoms were in full control and governed their respective territories. Its leaders were called Puang Basse Kakanna Makale, Puang Basse Tanganna Sangalla ‘and Puang Basse Adinna Shortening.
Nevertheless, symbolically there still was Puang Tomatasak Kalindobulanan Lepongan Bulan, who was always held by Puang Basse Tanganna Sangalla ‘for 13 periods starting from Puang Palodang to Puang Laso’Rinding (Puang Sangalla’). Sangalla Kingdom inherited the original Lepongan Moon because Tongkonan Layuk Kaero which is the Moon Lepongan Palace built by Puang Patta La Bantan was in the Sangalla ‘region.

Also in Tana Toraja: The Pune Buntu settlement was first built in 1880 by Siambe ‘Pong Maramba’, one of the leaders or nobles.

Traditional kings of Tanah Toraja

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The pedigree begins from Puang Tamboro Langi’Tomanurung the first who according to Hikayat descended from the sky at the top of Mount Kandora (District Mengkendek) in the mid 4th century
Puang Tamboro Langi ‘was the first king of Kalindobulanan Lepongan Bulan and the ancestor of kings in the Kingdom of Lepongan Bulan (Tana Toraja) in particular and the first Tallu Bocco Kingdom (Toraja, Luwu and Gowa) in general.

1. Puang Tamboro Langi. Title: Puang Tomatasak, the first in Kalindobulanan Lepongan Bulan
2. Puang Papai Langi ‘succeeded his father as Puang Tomatasak II, married with 2 daughters.
3. Puang Payak Allo as Puang Tomatasak III.
4. Puang Patta La Bantan, child from Puang Lakipadada; came back from Gowa and was finally inaugurated as Puang Tomatasak IV, in Kalindo Bulanan Lepongan Bulan di Kaero.
5. Puang Timban Boro succeeded his father Puang Patta La Bantan as Puang Tomatasak V, in Kalindo
6. Puang Kapu ‘Boro succeeded his father Puang Puang Timban Boro as Puang Tomatasak VI,
7. Puang Tangmarakia succeeded his father Puang Kapu ‘Boro as Puang Tomatasak VII,
8. Puang Paseno langi ‘succeeded his father Puang Tangmarakia as Puang Tomatasak VIII,
9. Puang Tanggulungan succeeded his father Paseno langi ‘as Puang Tomatasak IX,
10. Puang Sampa Raya succeeded his father Puang Tanggulungan as Puang Tomatasak X,
11. Puang Galugu succeeded his father Puang Sampa Raya as Puang Tomatasak XI,
12. Puang Pabuaran Dolo succeeded his father Puang Galugu as Puang Tomatasak XII,
13. Puang Raya Sampin succeeded his father Puang Pabuaran Dolo as Puang Tomatasak XIII,
14. Puang Bullu Matua. In the second civil war in Kalindobulanan they were won by Puang Bullu Matua and was appointed Puang Tomatasak XIV, in Kalindobulanan Lepongan Bulan.

Source (only indon. language)

Kerajaan Sangalla:
– Kerajaan Mengkendek:
– Kerajaan Makale:
– Buntu Pune:

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Puan Tarongko, Basse Kakanna XI:
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