Kingdom of Jambu Lipo / Prov. Sumatera Barat

The Kingdom of Jambu Lipo was a kingdom of the Minangkabau People, located in Kab. Sijunjung, province west Sumatera. Exists in the 10th century.

District of Sijunjung

Prov. of West Sumatera

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About the king

Heir of the kingdom of Jambu Lipo: Tuanku Rajo Gadang Firman Bagindo Tan Ameh Daulat Yang Dipertuan Rajo Alam Jambu Lipo
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History of the kingdom

Nagari Lubuk Tarok is located in Kecamatan Lubuk Tarok Sijunjung Regency, West Sumatera Province. This Nagari has a kingdom called the Kingdom of Jambu Lipo. Until now there is still a king, who leads in this area. In Nagari Lubuk Tarok is the Royal Palace of Jambu Lipo namely Kalambu Suto Palace, King Jambulipo 1 and 2 Tombs, and Rumah Gadang 13 Dalimo Tribe Room.

The kingdom of Jambu Lipo was a branch of the Pagaruyung Kingdom, which existed at the beginning of the 10th century, with the first king named Dungku Dangaka. The kingdom of Jambu Lipo and the kingdom of Pagaruyung were ruled by the Rajo Tigo Selo (Rajo Tigo Selo: see below).
At first the Kingdom of Jambu Lipo was located in Bukit Jambu Lipo. During the reign of the 4th king, named Buayo Kumbang, he hold talks with other dignitaries about the conflict “Putih Mengenang”; they agreed to move the seat of government to Nagari Lubuk Tarok.

About Rajo Tigo Selo

Rajo Tigo Selo is a supreme institution in the kingdom of Pagaruyung, which was called in Tambo Adat, Limbago Rajo.
Three Kings, Raja Alam, Raja Adat and Raja Ibadat had a common ancestor. Raja Alam, Raja Adat, dan Raja Ibadat, these 3 kings were called Rajo Tigo Selo. While Raja Adat and Raja Ibadat were called Rajo Duo Selo. The kings of Tigo Selo always tried to maintain a very close kinship by the way of intermarry.
Each king had his own duties, authority and regional position.
* Raja Alam had his seat in Pagaruyung.
* Raja Adat had his seat in Buo,
* Raja Ibadat had his seat in Sumpur Kudus.

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