Kingdom of Siang / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Pangkajane dan Kepulauan

The kingdom of Siang was located on Sulawesi, District of Kabupaten Pangkajene dan Kepulauan, prov. Sulawesi Selatan.

Provinsi of South Sulawesi

District Kepulauan Pangkajane

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History of the kingdom

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The kingdom of Siang in South Sulawesi once reached its heyday before the rise of the kingdom of Gowa – Tallo. Siang is expected to experience a “golden age” around the XV century – XVI – while the Bugis Makassar people will know the tradition of writing “lontarak” in the XVII century. The kingdom of Siau is little known and only little can be revealed through archaeological research in the former central government and harbor of Siang Sengkae Site, Bori Appaka, Bungoro Sub-district of Pangkep Regency (70 km from Makassar).

According to the Portuguese records of the 16th century, Gowa and Tallo were once day vassals. The local oral tradition maintains this view. The invention of valuable archaeological finds in the former territory of Siang seems to further reinforce the assumption, that this kingdom was a mighty kingdom on the west coast of South Sulawesi before the rise of Gowa and Tallo (Pelras 1973: 54).
In the year 1540 or long before, the harbor had been visited by many traders from various corners of the archipelago. Portuguese observer Manuel Pinto estimated that in 1545 Siang had a population of around 40,000.
In 1542, Antonio de Paiva, visited the central area of the Kingdom of Siang and lived in Siang for some time.
Abdul Razak Dg Mile stated that the first King of Siang was called Tu-manurunge Ri Bontang.

List of kings

1) Karaeng Allu

2) Johor atau Johoro’ (Mappasoro) Matinroe’ ri Ponrok, yang bersama Arung Palakka ke Pariaman pada abad ke-17
3) Patolla Dg Malliongi
4) Pasempa Dg Paraga
5) Mangaweang Dg Sisurung
6) Pacandak Dg Sirua (Karaeng Bonto – Bonto)
7) Palambe Dg Pabali (Karaeng Tallanga) , sezaman dengan datangnya Belanda di Pangkajene
8) Karaeng Kaluarrang dari Labakkang
9) Ince Wangkang dari Malaka
10) Sollerang Dg Malleja
11) Andi Pappe Dg Massikki, berasal dari Soppeng
12) Andi Papa Dg Masalle
13) Andi Jayalangkara Dg Sitaba
14) Andi Mauraga Dg Malliungang
15) Andi Burhanuddin
16) Andi Muri Dg Lulu.

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Old maps of Sulawesi

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 Sulawesi and Maluku, 1683

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