Kingdom of Malayu Tua (Malayu Jambi) / Prov. Sumatera Barat

The kingdom of Malayu Tua (Malayu Jambi): Located on Sumatera, provinsi Sumatera Barat.
This kingdom is known to begin in the 7th century centered in Minanga, in the 13th century centered on Dharmasraya and beginning in the 15th century centered in Suruaso or Pagaruyung.

Province of West Sumatera

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History of the kingdom

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The Malay Kingdom is the name of a kingdom, that once existed on the island of Sumatra. In general, this kingdom is divided into two periods, namely the Old Malayu Kingdom in the 7th century based in Minanga Tamwan, and the Malayu Muda Kingdom in the 13th century centered on Dharmasraya.
Based on the location of the capital, Old Malay Kingdom, sometimes called Jambi Malay kingdom, in the 7th century, was based in Minanga Tamwan. Young Malay kingdom is sometimes referred to as the Kingdom of Dharmasraya, in the 13th century, based on Dharmasraya.

According to Minangkabau legend, the Malay kingdom was founded by Sri Jayanaga coming down from the mountain Marapi, to Minanga Tamwan in circa 603. The Young Malay kingdom is sometimes referred to as the Kingdom of Dharmasraya. Dharmasraya was founded by Sri Tribuana Raja Mauliwarmadewa.

From the evidence and information from the inscriptions and news from China, it s known, that this kingdom began in the 7th century, based in Minanga; in the 13th century it was based in Dharmasraya; and the beginning of the 15th century it was centered in Suruaso or Pagaruyung.
Knowledge of the Malay kingdoms, is among others known from two books by the Reverend, I Tsing, or the I Ching (義 淨; pinyin Yi Jing) (

List of kings

* 671: Capital: Minanga. According to China, according to I-tsing (634-713). And Prasasti Kedukan Bukit from 682.
* 682-1156: there is no information.
* 1157-1182: there is no information.
* 1183: Srimat Trailokyaraja Maulibhusana Warmadewa. Capital: Dharmasraya. Prasasti Grahi in 1183 in south Thailand, command to the regent Grahi named Mahasenapati Galanai in order to make the statue of Buddha.
* 1184-1285: there is no information.

Kerajaan Dharmasraya (Malayu Muda):

* 1286: Srimat Tribhuwanaraja Mauli Warmadewa. Capital: Dharmasraya. Prasasti Padang Roco in 1286 in Siguntur (District of Dharmasraya), the Arca Amonghapasa was sent as a present from Raja Singhasari for Raja Malayu.
* 1316: Akarendrawarman. Capital: Dharmasraya or Suruaso. Prasasti Suruaso (District of Tanah Datar).
* 1347: Srimat Sri Udayadityawarman Pratapaparakrama Rajendra Maulimali Warmadewa. Capital: Suruaso or Pagaruyung. Arca Amoghapasa, in 1347 (District of Dharmasraya),
Moved to Suruaso, Prasasti Suruaso (District of Tanah Datar), Was sent an envoy to Cina 6 times between 1371 and 1377 during the Ming Dinasti.
* 1375: Ananggawarman. Capital: Pagaruyung Prasasti Batusangkar (District of Tanah Datar).

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Old maps of Sumatera

For old maps of Sumatera (1565, 1588, 1598, 1601, 1616, 1620, 1707, 1725, 1760), klik here

Sumatera, tahun 1707

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Sejarah kerajaan Malayu:
Sejarah kerajaan Malayu:
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