Kingdom of Matangnga / Prov. Sulawesi Barat, Kab. Polewali Mandar

The kingdom of Matangnga was a kingdom of the Mandar People,  connected with the Persekutuan Pitu Ulunna Salu. Located in the district Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi.
The title of the king is: Indo Lembang.

District of Polewali Mandar

Prov. of West Sulawesi

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About the kingdom of Matangnga

There is no information about this kingdom.

17 Kingdoms of the Mandar Region

Mandar tribe consists of 17 kingdoms: 7 kingdoms called “Pitu Ulunna Salu”, 7 kingdoms called “Pitu ba’bana binanga” and 3 kingdoms called “Kakarunna Tiparittiqna Uhai”.
The seven kingdoms belonging to Persekutuan Pitu Ulunna Salu are:

1 Kingdom of Rante Bulahang
2 Kingdom of Aralle
3 Kingdom of Tabulahan
4 Kingdom of Mambi
5 Kingdom of Matangnga
6 Kingdom of Tabang
7 Kingdom of Bambang

Seven (7) kingdoms belonging to Persekutuan Pitu Baqbana Binanga are :

1 Kingdom of Balanipa
2 Kingdom of Sendana
3 Kingdom of Banggae
4 Kingdom of Pamboang
5 Kingdom of Tapalang
6 Kingdom of Mamuju
7 Kingdom of Binuang.

Three (3) kingdoms belonging to Kakaruanna Tiparittiqna Uhai or the region of Lembang Mappi are:

1. Kingdom of Allu
2. Kingdom of Tuqbi
3. Kingdom of Taramanuq


Prov. of West Sulawesi

Old maps of Sulawesi

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  Sulawesi and Maluku, 1683

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