Kingdom of Salakanagara / West Jawa

The kingdom of Salakanagara: 130 – 362. Located on west Java, prov. Banten.
Salakanagara, based on the Wangsakerta Manuscript – Pustaka Rajyarajya i Bhumi Nusantara is estimated to be the earliest kingdom in the archipelago.

Prov. Banten

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History of the kingdom of Salakanagara, 130 – 362

The Salakanagara kingdom is the first historically recorded Indianised kingdom in Western Java. This Kingdom existed between 130-362 AD. A relatively modern literature in the 17th century Pustaka Rajya Rajya i Bhumi Nusantara describes Salakanagara as being founded by an indian merchant. However no historical records affirms this modern writeup on the ancient kingdom.

The history of Salakanagara is quite mysterious as the historical and archaeological sources are scarce. Compared to its successor, Tarumanagara, the kingdom did not leave any local tangible historical records and relics such as inscriptions or temples ruins. The main source of Salakanagara’s history was a manuscript Pustaka Rajya-rajya I Bhumi Nusantara composed in 17th century by a council led by Prince Wangsakerta of Cirebon, and a few Chinese sources.

According to Pustaka Rajya Rajya i Bhumi Nusantara, Salakanagara was located on west coast of Java, in the present day Banten province.It was founded by Dewawarman, stylised as Prabu Dharmalokapala Dewawarman Haji Raksagapura Sagara. Dewawarman was an Indian ambassador or trader sent from India to establish relations with Javadwipa. According to a history record from India, the kingdom ruled Javadwipa from 130 CE to 362 CE.
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Kings of Salakanagara

  1. 130-168: Dewawarman I Prabu Darmalokapala Aji Raksa Gapura Sagara Pedagang original from Bharata (India)
  2. 168-195: Dewawarman II Prabu Digwijayakasa Dewawarmanputra oldest son of Dewawarman I
  3. 195-238: Dewawarman III Prabu Singasagara Bimayasawirya son of Dewawarman II
  4. 238-252: Dewawarman IV son in law Dewawarman II, king of Ujung Kulon
  5. 252-276: Dewawarman V son in law Dewawarman IV
  6. 276-289: Mahisa Suramardini Warmandewi oldest son of Dewawarman IV and wife Dewawarman V
  7. 289-308: Dewawarman VI Sang Mokteng Samudera oldest son of Dewawarman V
  8. 308-340: Dewawarman VII Prabu Bima Digwijaya Satyaganapati oldest son of Dewawarman VI
  9. 340-348: Sphatikarnawa Warmandewi first son of Dewawarman VII
  10. 348-362: Dewawarman VIII Prabu Darmawirya Dewawarman grandchild of Dewawarman VI married Sphatikarnawa, last king of Salakanagara
  11. 362: Dewawarman IX Salakanagara is under the kingdom of Tarumanagara

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Location of Salakanagara

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– History of Salakanagara:
– History of Salakanagara:


Site pond stone menhir inscription Salakanagara


Site of Salakamanaga

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