Kingdom of Sadeng / Prov. Jawa Timur – Kab. Jember

The kingdom of Sadeng was located on Jawa, Prov. Jawa Timur, District Jember, kecamatan Puger. This kingdom was destroyed in 1331.

Location of Puger, District Jember

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History of the kingdom

Google translation

In Kakawin Negarakretagama is mentioned, that long before the rule of King Hayam Wuruk (Majapahit Kingdom), in Jember area or precisely in the District of Puger, once existed a small kingdom. The name of this kingdom in our ancient writings of Mpu Prapanca, called Sadeng and is located around the estuary of Bedadung River.
Sadeng kingdom was finally destroyed, after the Majapahit troops, during the reign of King Tribuwana Tunggadewi (1328-1350), crushed out. Majapahit troop invasion to Sadeng Kingdom, known as Pasadeng expedition was led by Patih Gajah Mada.
In Kakawin Negarakretagama is written, that the destruction of Sadeng Kingdom by Majapahit army occurred in 1331. From the explanation of the Book of Negarakretagama, which was composed by its author, Mpu Prapanca, in 1365, pp. 299), there is a picture, that in Jember District at that time there was a heroic event, namely fight against aggression Majapahit.

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– Sejarah kerajaan Sadeng:
– Sejarah kerajaan Sadeng:

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