Kingdom of Palu / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – Kab. Donggala

The kingdom of Palu, 1796–1960, was located on Sulawesi, District Donggala, prov. Central Sulawesi.
The title of the king is Magau.

District Donggala

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About the king / dynasty

Drs. Haji Longki Djanggola is coming from the direct line of the magau  (raja) dynasty of Palu.  He is the son of Prince Yoto Djanggola, who is the olders son of Magau Djanggola, who ruled 1928 – 1945.
A son of a younger brother of this raja then was ruling for a while. The father of Magau Djanggola was Prince Lapariusi, who was the old Magauest son of Ypjokodi Tomesiema, who ruled 1876 – 1906.

Tjatjo Idjazah, last king of Palu

History of the kingdom

The city of Palu originated from the unity of four villages, namely: Besusu (Pandapa), Tanggabanggo (Siranindi) now called Kamonji, Panggovia now called Lere, Boyantongo now called Kelurahan Baru. They formed a customary council called Patanggota. One of the duties was to select the king and his assistants. The kingdom of Palu gradually became one of the most well-known and influential kingdoms.

In 1796 – 1960 the Palu Kingdom still used the monarchy system of government and the first capital was named Pandapa (1796-1888), then the second capital was named Panggovia started running from 1888-1960, and when the Republic of Indonesia became independent in 1945, in 1960 the Palu Kingdom stepped down and joined Indonesia. Before being a own kingdom, it was still under the rule of the Kingdom of Gowa from South Sulawesi since the VOC era in 1666.

The Dutch first arrived in Palu during the leadership of King Maili (Mangge Risa) to get protection from Manado in 1868. In 1888, the Dutch Governor of Sulawesi together with troops and several ships arrived in the Palu Kingdom, they attacked Kayumalue.

After the Kayumalue war, Raja Maili was killed by the Dutch and his body was taken to Palu. After that, he was succeeded by King Jodjokodi, on May 1, 1888, King Jodjokodi signed a short agreement to the Dutch East Indies Government.

Before it was conquered by the Dutch Government in 1904, the territory of Donggala Regency was the territory of the Government of independent kings:

1. Kerajaan Palu
2. Kerajaan Sigi Dolo
3. Kerajaan Kulawi
4. Kerajaan Biromaru
5. Kerajaan Banawa
6. Kerajaan Tawaili
7. Kerajaan Moutong
8. Kerajaan Parigi

Kingdoms of Palu, Tawaili, Parigi, Banawa,1916

1) 1796-1805: Pue Nggari (Siralangi)
2) 1805-1815: I Dato Labungulili
3) 1815-1826: Malasigi Bulupalo
4) 1826-1835: Daelangi
5) 1835-1850: Yololembah
6) 1850-1868: Lamakaraka
7) 1868-1888: Maili (Mangge Risa)
8) 1888-1906: Jodjokodi
9) 1906-1921: Parampasi
10) 1921-1949: Djanggola
11) 1949-1960: Tjatjo Idjazah
NB: Djanggola became Magau of Palu in 1921-1945. (He died in 1945). Between 1945-1949 there was no ruler. 1949-1955 Tjatjo I Djasa became magau (in the status of self-governing head) after him Andi Wawo Parampasi (1955-…..).
Version 2 (Versi Cheko)  (Source: Komunitas Historia Sulawesi Tengah, FB)

The palace

In Palu, the Souraja served as the center of government. In traditional thought it is said, that the place of residence of a king, whether in the form of residence or the palace of his government, is the holy place of choice of the ruler of the heavens. The king is the descendant of the heavenly ruler who was sent down to earth to rule the chosen people.

History of the kingdoms in the Donggala region

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Magau Janggola of Palu.

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