The Kingdom of Kutai Martadipura / Prov. Kalimantan Timur

The Kingdom of Kutai Martadipura: 4th century – 1635
Historically, there have been two kingdoms which ruled in the region of Kutai which are:
* Kingdom of Kutai Martadipura (399–1635), a Hindu kingdom,
* Sultanate of Kutai Kartanegara (1300-now), a Muslim-Malay kingdom.
Aji Pangeran Sinum Panji Mendapa, who ruled 1635–1650, was able to conquer the kingdom of Kutai Martadipura and merged the two realms thus becoming “Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martadipura”.

District of Kutai Kertanagara

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History of the kingdom of Kutai, 4th century – 1635

The Kutai Martadipura Kingdom (locally known as kerajaan Kutai Martadipura) is a 4th-century or perhaps much earlier Hindu kingdom located in the Kutai area, East Kalimantan.  Its capital is believed to be the current Muara Kaman district located in Kutai Kartanegara Regency and is one of the earliest ancient kingdoms in Indonesian history.

Muara Kaman district which is currently one of the many districts in Kutai Kartanegara regency is proven to be the place where the capital of the kingdom once stood, it is proven by an ancient remnant of a megalith stone known as Lesong Batu, or the Yupa inscriptions during the 4th century AD.

The names of three rulers are known from the inscriptions.
The first ruler mentioned is Kuḍungga, the “lord of men” (narendra), his son Aśwawarman, styled the “founder of the dynasty” (vaṇśa-kartṛ) and grandson of the first and son of the later, Mulavarman called the “lord of kings” (rājendra).

End of the kingdom

The Kutai Martapura kingdom then collapsed after being conquered by the Kutai sultanate who embraced Islam. In 1635, the last king of the Kutai kingdom Maharaja Dharma Setia died at the hands of Prince Sinum Panji Mendapa of the Kutai sultanate.
Since then, the Kutai Martapura kingdom was annexed by the Kutai sultanate.

Yupa inscription

The Yupa inscription is an inscription which is a relic of the Kutai Kingdom. There are seven yupas containing inscriptions, but only 4 have been successfully read and translated. This inscription uses the Pre-Nagari Pallawa script and is in Sanskrit, which is estimated from its shape and type dating from around 400 AD. This inscription was written in the form of anustub poetry.

Kutai Kingdom is known based on the source of inscriptions (yupa) amounted to seven pieces. The Kingdom of Kutai is thought to have appeared in the century± 4 M.

List of kings

* 350-375: Maharaja Sri Kundungga / Sri Gedongga
* 375-400: Maharaja Sri Acwawarman / Wamsekerta
* 400-446: Maharaja Sri Mulawarman Naladewa / Wamseragen
* 446-495: Maharaja Sri Wangsa Warman
* 495-543: Maharaja Maha Wijaya Warman

* 543-590: Maharaja Gaja Yana Warman
* 590-637: Maharaja Wijaya Tungga Waraman
* 637-686: Maharaja Jaya Tungga Nagawarman
* 686-736: Maharaja Nala Singawarman
* 736-783: Maharaja Nala Perana Tungga Warmandewa

* 783-832: Maharaja Gadingga Warmandewa
* 832-879: Maharaja Indra Warmandewa
* 879-926: Maharaja Singa Wirama Warmandewa
* 926-972: Maharaja Singa Wargala Warmandewa
* 972-1020: Maharaja Cendera Warmandewa

* 1020-1069: Maharaja Prabu Mula Tunggaldewa
* 1069-1117: Maharaja Nala Indradewa 1069-1117
* 1117-1166: Maharatu Mayang Mulawarni /Putri Aji Pidara Putih
* 1166-1214: Maharaja Indra Muliia Tungga Warmandewa
* 1214-1265: Maharaja Sri Langkadewa

* 1265-1325: Maharaja Guna Perana Tungga
* 1325-1337: Maharaja Nala Duta (Dewan RajaPerwalian)
* 1337-1373: Maharaja Puan Reniq Gelar Wijaya Warman
* 1373-1407: Maharaja Indra Muliia
* 1407-1425: Maharaja Sri Ajidewa

* 1425-1453: Maharaja Mulia Putra
* 1453-1509: Maharaja Nala Praditha
* 1509-1534: Maharaja Indra Parutha
* 1534-1605: Maharaja Derma Setiya

Finally this kingdom became the Sultanate of Kutai Kartenegara.

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