Kingdom of Sengalau / Prov. Jambi, Sumatera – Kab. Tebo

The kingdom of Sengalau is located on Sumatera, Desa Balai Rajo, Kec. VII Koto Ilir, Kabupaten Tebo, Provinsi Jambi.

Province of Jambi

District Tebo

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History of the kingdom

Formerly existed a Sengalau kingdom located in the hamlet Tuo Ulu or called by the name of the present village Balai Rajo Village, Kec. VII Koto Ilir, Tebo District, Jambi Province.
There must be some proof and recognition from the public at large, but in terms of relics there are some relics of the Sengalau kingdom, that we can visit at this time including the burial site of the Sengalau King, statue-shaped stones are located in the hamlet Tuo ulu across (IFA ).


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Grave king of Sengalau

Grave king of Sengalau