Kingdom of Laiwoi / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara – Kota Kendari

The kingdom of Laiwoi is located on Sulawesi, in the region of the city of Kendari, province of Sulawesi Tenggara. This kingdom emerged 18th century.

City of Kendari


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About the king

28 jan. 2015
H. Irawan Tekaka Saosao was installed as King of Laiwoi. He was given the titleMokole Wulaa Lipuwutano Laiwoi” which means king Laiwoi gold above ground.
The coronation of the King of Laiwoi took place after a vacuum of decades.


Crown Prince

Endry Irwan Tekaka is the crown prince of the Laiwoi Kingdom with the title Anakia Lipu Mokole Tambo i Losoano Oleo.
He currently serves as Chairman of the Customary Council of the Laiwoi Kendari Kingdom and Commander of the Indonesian Indigenous Forces for the Southeast Sulawesi Region.

History of the kingdom of Laiwoi

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Since the end of the XVIII century the kingdom of Laiwoi increasingly declined, especially after the king (Mokole) Lakidende died. Then there was no king of Laiwoi anymore .

A king of a subordinate kingdom, King Ranomeeto came up with a new name “Laiwoi” and claimed to be a substitute for Konawe Kingdom. Like the Mekongga Kingdom, since the death of the king (Bokeo) of Mekongga I Teporambe, at the end of XVII century, the kingdom of Mekongga become part of Luwu kingdom.

In relation to the founding of the Laiwoi empire in connection with the leadership crisis resulting in a power vacuum, this situation was exploited by the Dutch East Indies to strengthen the position of Sorumba (Sapati Ranomeeto); the eastern part of the Konawe kingdom took over the government by initiating the development of the Laiwoi empire in the first half of the 19th century . The appearance of La Mangu replacing his mother (i Maho / Verstin Van Laiwoi) as King of Laiwoi further strengthened his position as a kingdom, that has detached itself from ties with the former kingdom of Konawe.

Since its establishment as king of Laiwoi, the Sao-Sao made a second agreement, representing the Royal Hadith of Laiwoi with the Dutch-Indies represented Resident Bensbach on Monday 21 December 1885 on the Dutch Indies government ship named “Borneo”, which was anchored outside the bay of Kendari . The second agreement signed by the king of Sao-Sao consists of 18 chapters and one of the articles is the Dutch East Indies and Laiwoi entered the Indies.

Map of the kingdom of Laiwoi end 19th and begin 20th century

Luwu akhir abad ke-19 dan awal abad ke-20

List of kings of Laiwoi

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* King 1: Sorumba (Sangiansapati Ranomeeto), adalah saudara dari Raja Lakidende (Sangia Ngginoburu),
* King 2: Melamba,
* King 3: Balani (Sangia Ndebunggu),
* King 4: Ray,
* King 5: Tebau (Okapu, (Lakino Laiwoi.
* King 6: A queen named Maho, married with a nobleman from the kingdom of Bone.
* King 7: Lamangu installed on 13 April 1858 and died 18 mei 1880.
This is when the dutch invaded. To defend the kingdom of Laiwoi Konawe, the king of Lamanggu agreed to make a contract with the governor-general of the netherlaands known ‘lang Contract’ signed on 17 July 1858 and ended in 1860.
* King 8: “Sao – Sao” a nobleman, descendent from “Tambo Ilosoano Oleo” was installed as Mokole (Raja) of Laiwoi. At this time the colonial power was so strong, that it forced Saosao to make a contract again to sustain the life of the people and the integrity of the kingdom Laiwoi. Contract was made 8 times starting December 21, 1885 – August 30, 1917 and the efforts of the “King Sao Sao” to unite the Laiwoi Konawe Kingdom, in 1908 was able to recover the entire area of the former “Tambo Ilosoano Oleo” (Door of defense to the east) and divided into 6 (six) subordinate districts (Onder District).

King Tekaka (Sangia Mokole Laiwoi) ruled 1928-1945

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Right: king (mokole) of Laiwoi IX Sangia Tambo Losoano Eleo Alm. Pym Tekaka Saosao
Middle: queen Mother Ven. Saenati Tondu
Left: Anakia Ranomeeto Ym Andi Baso Saosao, the younger brother of Raja Laiwoi).

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