Kingdom of Duri / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Enrekang

The Kingdom of Duri was a kingdom in the District of Enrekang, prov. South Sulawesi.
The title of the king is Arung.
This kingdom was part of the Federation Konfederasi Massenrempulu, which existed in the 14th century.

District of Enrekang

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History of the kingdom Duri, 14th century

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While Indonesia is still composed of kingdoms, in what is now called Enrekang Regency, there were already several independent kingdoms:
– kingdom of Maiwa,
– kingdom of Enrekang,
kingdom of Duri,
– kingdom of Kassa,
– kingdom of Batulappa.

The kingdoms were bound in a federation called “Federation of Massenrempulu or Massere-Bulu”, which existed in the 14th century. The territory of Duri Kingdom lied in the northern part of Enrekang district, bordering Tana Toraja (north), Luwu (east), Enrekang, Maiwa (south) and Letta (west). The area is a plateau with an altitude of 200 meters above sea level.
Although there are many rocky mountains, the soil is fertile for vegetable farming. The story of the appearance of the term Duri can be found his story in Lontara Duri. Once a merchant from the kingdom of Bone was on his way to the land of Luwu. Stop in Duri kingdom. They are treated with fruit of thorns. Because the fruit is very tasty, they ask to be brought to the king in Bone. When the king ate the fruit of the thornbone, because it tasted so good he asked where you got it. The merchants answered that the fruit was obtained from Duri. They forget to mention cena ‘, which is remembered only thorns. They should have called that fruit the name of the fruit of thorns and came from the area that is now called Duri.
Since then the term Duri began to be used for the name of an area, that stretches between Batu Bolong Mountain in the east, one of the peaks of the Latimojong mountains and Bambuang Puang mountain in the west. Based on the records of Geography textbooks, Duri today is not just the name of a region or region, but it is the name of a sub ethnic in the Massenrempulu tribe. People from this area identify themselves as Duri, not Enrekang people, as is commonly known by the people of South Sulawesi.
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Map location Duri (year ?)

List of kings kerajaan Duri

1) Puang Salumbun
2) Puang Santun Pulanan
3) Puang Passalin
4) Puang Cilling
5) 1726-1750: Puang Pomba
6) 1750-1780: Puang Kamaniang
7) 1780-1800: Puang Pasalin

King Kapataha Malindring (Puang Pasalin, 1780-1800) as Arung of Duri divided the kingdom in 3 regions for each of his children:

1) Arung Alla
2) Arung Maluwa
3) Arung Buntu Batu


History Federation Massenrempulu

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Since the 14th century, this area is called Massenrempulu ‘which means marginalize the mountain or along the mountain, while the Enrekang name from Endeg which means Rise From or Climbing and from here the origin of the name Endekan.
Historically, in the beginning Enrekang Regency was a large kingdom called Malepong Bulan, then this kingdom is Manurung with a federation that combines 7 regions / kingdom better known as the “Pitue Massenrempulu” federation, namely:

NB: kerajaan = kingdom

  1. Kerajaan Endekan ruled by Arung/Puang Endekan
  2. Kerajaan Kassa ruled by Arung Kassa’
  3. Kerajaan Batulappa‘ ruled by Arung Batulappa’
  4. Kerajaan Tallu Batu Papan (Duri) which was an alliance of Buntu Batu, Malua, Alla’. Buntu Batu ruled by Arung/Puang Buntu Batu, Malua ruled/Puang Malua, Alla’ by Arung Alla’
  5. Kerajaan Maiwa ruled by Arung Maiwa
  6. Kerajaan Letta‘ ruled by Arung Letta’
  7. Kerajaan Baringin (Baringeng) ruled by Arung Baringin.

 Pitu Massenrempulu occurred in the 15th century. But around the 17th century Pitu Massenrempulu changed its name to “Lima Massenrempulu”, because the kingdom of Baringin and the Letta kingdom did not join the Massenrempulu federation.
Five Massenrempulu consisted of:

* Kerajaan Endekan,
* Kerajaan Tallu Batu Papan (Duri),
* Kerajaan Maiwa,
* Kerajaan Kassa,
* kerajaan Batu Lappa.

Because the Politics of Devide At Impera the Dutch government broke this area with the Decree of the Royal Dutch Command (KORTE VERKLARING) where the kingdom of Kassa and the kingdom of Batu Lappa was put into Sawitto. This occurred ± 1905 (XX century), so to remain in the state of FIVE MASSENREMPULU, the kingdoms within it are broken down into:
* Enrekang
* Maiwa
* Alla
* Buntu Batu
* Malua

During the dutch time the kingdoms were called “Landschap”.

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Kerajaan Duri

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