Kingdom of Suppa / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Pinrang

The kingdom of Suppa was a kingdom of the Bugis People. Located in District Pinrang, prov. South Sulawesi.
This kingdom was part of the Confederation of Ajatappareng.

District Pinrang

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About the king (2018)

21 march 2014
Datu Suppa, Kuneng Bau Maseppe, Datu Lolo died; he was king of Suppa since ca. 1992.

18 march 2018
Hj Andi Dala Uleng Bau Massepe was installed as Datu Suppa the 30th.
Hj Andi Dala Uleng Bau Massepe was officially crowned as Datu Suppa the 30th in Pinrang. The appointment took place at Bau Massepe Square, sub-district Suppa, Pinrang District

History of the kingdom of Suppa

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The Suppa Kingdom was founded in the 14th century.
The founding of the Suppa kingdom began with the appointment of Manurung’nge as the first Datu of Suppa by people who witnessed and heard the news of his arrival in the land of Suppa.

The Suppa Kingdom was a member kingdom of the Ajatappareng confederation which was located to the west of Lake Tempe, Lake Sidenreng, and Lake Crocodile.

Around the 15th century, this confederation was founded by La Makkarawi Datu Suppa (but this is still being studied further) which resulted in the merging of the Five Kingdoms, namely the kingdoms of Sawitto, Suppa, Sidenreng, Rappang, and Alitta.
One of the motives for the merging of these kingdoms was, because it was known as the largest rice producer in South Sulawesi and became a bone of contention for the big kingdoms, namely Luwu, Bone, and Gowa.

After the alliance was formed, it seemed that Ajatappareng’s existence was getting more advanced, it was marked by the presence of several traders from outside, including Antonio De Paiva in 1544, a Portuguese trader. The progress of trade in agricultural products has invited a larger kingdom to exercise control.

The area of ​​the Suppa kingdom during the reign of the Dutch East Indies was the Onder Afdeling Pinrang area where there were six whitewater tungke (single government) consisting of the kingdoms of Suppa, Sawitto, Alitta, Letta, Batu Lappa, and Kassa.

Until the time of Indonesia’s independence and Pinrang was determined as a Level II area, namely Pinrang Regency.

List of kings

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  • c.1370: Suppa (Ajatappareng)
  • 1681 – c.1700: La Toware
  • ……. – …….: La Pamessangi
  • ……. – …….: La Sangka
  • ……. – 1820: La Kuneng
  • 1820 – 1830: La Tenri lengkang (La Bampe)
  • 1830 – 1855: I Towakka Arung Kalibong
  • 1855 – 1860: La Cebu -Regent
  • 1860 – 1881: Bassee Kajuwara
  • Pelai-eengi Paseempa (f)
  • 1881 – 1900: I Madallung (f)
  • 1900 – 1902: Regent
  • 1902 – 1906: La Mappanyukki (Andi Mappanyukki)
  • 1906 – 1926: La Parerengi Karaeng Tinggimae
  • 1926 – 1938: Andi Makassau
  • 1938 – 1947: Andi Abdullah Bau Maseppe
  • 1947 – 1950: La Patettengi (La Cante’)
  • 1950 – 1984: I Soji Datu Kajene (permaisuri Andi Abdullah Bau Massepe)
  • 1992 – 2014: La Kuneng Bau Massepe (datu lolo) Putra dari Andi Abdullah Bau Massepe[4]
  • 2014- sekarang: Hj Dala Uleng Bau Massepe (heir of the throne, younger brother of La Kuneng dan Putri Andi Abdullah Bau Massepe).

Datu Hajjah Andi Dala Uleng Bau Maseppe; Ratu (queen) of Supa with husband and daughter, 2017.

About the Confederation of Ajatappareng

The Confederation of Ajatappareng consisted of the kingdoms Suppa, Sawitto, Sidenreng, Rappang dan Alitta.
The Confederation of Ajatappareng was a form of a partnership agreement between 5 kingdoms of South Sulawesi. This Confederation was founded in the 16th century.
The Confederation of Ajatappareng was formed to create prosperity and peace in order to organize the common life in Ajatappareng area.
The formation of this partnership was also in response to the increasing external demand for export commodities, along with the presence of foreign traders, especially Malay traders in the region.
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