Kingdom of Masamba / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Luwu Utara

The kingdom of Masamba is located on Sulawesi, Kab. Luwu Utara, prov. Sulawesi Selatan.

Region of Luwu

Provinsi of South Sulawesi

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History of the kingdom

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After the Dutch submitted Luwu, it broke Luwu’s resistance to the Dutch army landing challenged by the Luwu Royal Hulubalang of Andi Tadda together with his troops at Ponjalae beach Palopo in 1905. The Netherlands then built facilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of the colonial government throughout the territory of Luwu kingdom ranging from the South, Pitumpanua to the north of Poso, and from Southeast Kolaka (Mengkongga) to West Tana Toraja. In the Dutch East Indies Government, the system of government in Luwu was divided into two levels of government, namely:
* High-level government held directly by the Dutch.
* Low level government as Swapraja (semi independent).
With the system of dualism governance in Luwu at that time, high-level government was held by the Dutch East Indies, and the low-level was held by the Swapraja but still governed by the Dutch, but de jure of the Swapraja Government remained. Following after the Dutch came to power in Luwu, the territory of the Kingdom of Luwu began to be reduced, and divided according to the will and interests of the Dutch, namely:
* Poso (which entered Central Sulawesi now) which originally belonged to the Kingdom of Luwu was separated, and formed an Afdeling.
* The Pitumpanua district (now Pitumpanua and Keera Subdistricts) was separated and incorporated into the Wajo territory.
* Then formed an afdeling in Luwu headed by an Assistant Resident based in Palopo.

Furthermore Afdeling Luwu was divided into 5 (five) Onder Afdeling, namely:
* Onder Afdeling Palopo, with its capital Palopo.
* Onder Afdeling Makale, with its capital Makale.
* Onder Afdeling Masamba, with its capital Masamba.
* Onder Afdeling Malili, with its capital Malili.
* Onder Afdeling Mekongga, with its capital Kolaka.

The palace

Palace of theTomakaka (king) in Masamba. 1909

Old maps of Sulawesi

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 Sulawesi and Maluku, 1683


Tomakaka Drs Haji Harris Kasmad of Masamba;sub-king in Luwu

The Tomakaka, king of Masamba

King and queen of Masamba