Kingdom of Buding / Prov. . Bangka Belitung – Belitung

The Kingdom of Buding was located on the island of Belitung, Prov. of Bangka Belitung.

Province of Bangka and Belitung

Province of Kepulauan Bangka Belitung

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History of Belitung

Belitung is an archipelago, which had in the past several kings. At the end of the 7th century, Belitung was recorded as a part of the Kingdom of Srivijaya, then when the Majapahit Empire became strong in 1365, the island became one of the bastions of this kingdom. Only in the 15th century, Belitung got administration rights. But even then not for long, because when Palembang was ruled by Cakradiningrat II, the island was soon conquered by Palembang.
The kingdoms on Belitung were:
* Kingdom of Badau,
* Kingdom of Balok,
* Kingdom of Belantu,
* Kingdom of Buding.

1821, Belitung Island entered the territory of the UK. The British Resident in Bangka appointed a king of Siak to rule Belitung, because on this small island there was often resistance led by traditional elders. Based on the decisions of the Commissioner General of the United Kingdom on 17 April 1817, the British handed over Belitung to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. On behalf of Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands, was appointed a Resident Assistant to run the government in Belitung Island.
At that time Belitung was divided into six regions, namely:
* Tanjungpandan dan Gantung/Lenggang directly under the administration of Depati;
* Badau, Sijuk, Buding and Belantu under the respective governments Ngabehi.
In 1890, the Ngabehi removed and replaced with the District Chief.

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History kingdom of Buding

The fourth or last kingdom that once existed on Belitung, was the Kingdom of Buding, which was part of the Kingdom of Balok. The king was named Datuk Kemiring Wali Raib.

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Museum Istiqomah Buding:
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Grave of king of Buding 1

Grave king of Buding 3

Grave of king of Buding 2

Grave of king of Buding 1

Museum Istiqomah Buding .