Kingdom of Bolaang Mongondow / Prov. Sulawesi Utara, Kab. Bolaang Mongondow

The Kingdom of Bolaang Mongondow is a kingdom of the Mongondow People; located in the district Bolaang Mongondow, north Sulawesi. This kingdom exists since the 15th century.

Bolaang Mongondow

Prov. Sulawesi Utara

History of the kingdom
Since the 16th century, the district of Bolaang Mongondow was the territory of several kingdoms. Some of the kingdoms, who once ruled in this region, were:
1) kingdom of Bolaang Mongondow,
2) Kingdom of Bolango, which later became Kingdom of Bolaang Uki located in Walugu,
3) Kingdom of Bintauna, changed several times the capital: Panayo, Minanga, dan Pimpi,
4) Kingdom of Bolaang Itang located in Bolaang Itang,
5) Kingdom of Kaidipang with as capital Buroko.
The Kingdom of Bolaang Mongondow, previously known as Kingdom of Bola’ang, was a state that ruled over majority of area of the present-day Bola’ang-Mongondow regencies in the North Celebes province of Indonesia, excluding Bola’ang Mongondow Utara regency, which was a territory that was ruled by smaller kingdoms of Bintauna and Kaidipang.

The kingdom was founded in 1670 AD by a Mongondow prince Datu Loloda Mokoagow (died 1695). He was the son of the paramount chief of Mongondow, Tadohe (1600–1670), seated in Kotobangon in the heartland of Mongondow plateau, while the prince established himself at the port settlement of Bola’ang and went to conquer many of the northern shores and inland settlements of present-day Minahasa regencies of northern Celebes peninsula. When he succeeded his father in 1670, he titled himself datu (king) instead of the traditional Mongondow title of punu (paramount chief). This marked the beginning of Kingdom of Bola’ang.

At its peak, the kingdom covered Bola’ang (present-day Bola’ang village), Mongondow plateau (present-day Kotamobagu city and its vicinity), Kotabunan (present-day Kotabunan of Bola’ang Mongondow Timur regency), Mandolang port (present-day Belang of Minahasa Tenggara regency), the banks of Ranoyapo river including Tumpa’an, Tareran, Tanawangko, and Tateli (present-day Minahasa Selatan regency), Umuda (present-day Amurang city), Manarow (present-day Manado-Tua island), and Wenang (present-day Manado city).

However, on September 21, 1694, a contractual agreement to establish new territorial borders was signed between the Kingdom of Bola’ang and the newly unified federation of Minahasan tribes, backed by the Dutch. The borders were established along Poigar river as the northern border and along Buyat river as its southerly counterpart. The border thus divided the westside territory for Bola’ang and the eastside territory for Minahasan people, which made the kingdom of Bola’ang lose all of its territories and subjects on the east side of the borders. Thus, it left only Mongondow plateau and the adjacent Kotabunan as the territory of the Bola’ang, hence the name Kingdom of Bola’ang-Mongondow was used thereafter.
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Old maps of the Bolaang region

Map of Bolaang Uki, Bolaang Itang, Bolaang Mongondow and Kaidipang, 1894


Map of kingdom Bolaang Mongondow, 1888

Danau Moaat [dalam peta disebut M. Danau]. Sumber: Jurnal Tijdschrift van het Koninklijk Nederlandsch Aardrijkskundig Genootschap, No. VII tahun 1888.


Map of kingdom of Bolaang Mongondow (19th century)

The palace

House of the king of Bolmong, foto by Paul dan Fritz Sarasin 22 desember 1893.

House of the king of Bolmong, foto by Paul dan Fritz Sarasin 22 desember 1893.

List of kings

1) 1400 – 1460: Punu` Mokodoludut
2) 1460 – 1480: Punu` YayuBangkai
3) 1480 – 1510: Punu` Damopolii
4) 1510 – 1540:  Punu` Busisi
5) 1560 – 1600: Punu` Mokodompit

6) 1600 – 1650: Punu` Tadohe
7) 1653 – 1694: Raja Loloda Mokoagow atau Datu Binangkang
8) 1694 – 1695: Raja Yakobus Manoppo
9) 1695 – 1731:  Raja Fransiscus Manoppo
10) 1735 – 1748  dan 1756 – 1764: Raja Salomon Manoppo

11) 1764 – 1767: Raja Egenius Manoppo
12) 1767 – 1770: Raja Christofeel Manoppo
13) 1770 – 1773: Raja Markus Manoppo
14) 1773 – 1779: Raja Manuel Manoppo
15) 1825 – 1829: Raja Cornelius Manoppo

16) 1829 – 1833: Raja Ismail Cornelis Manoppo
17) 1833 –  1858: Raja Yakobus Manuel Manoppo
18) 1858 – 1862: Raja Adreanus Cornelis Manoppo
19) 1862: Raja Yohanes Manuel Manoppo
20) 1886 – 1893: Raja Abraham Sugeha atau Datu Pinonigad

21) 1893 – 1901: Raja Riedl Manuel Manoppo
22) 1901 – 1928: Raja Datu Cornelius Manoppo
23) 1928 – 1938: Raja Laurens Cornelius Manoppo
24) 1947 – 1950: Raja Henny Yusuf Cornellius Manoppo

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