Kingdom of Bolaang Mongondow

The Kingdom of Bolaang Mongondow is a kingdom of the Mongondow People; located in the district Bolaang Mongondow, north Sulawesi. This kingdom exists since the 15th century.

In the 13th century the Bogani (Mongondow community group leaders, who occupy a particular region) united and choosed a Bogani Molantud as King, at that time called “punu”. In the 16th century after the departure of King Mokodompit to Siau, there was no ruler during several years. Prince Dodi Mokoagow was the strongest candidate to replace king Mokodompit, who was killed in an incident with Alifuru tribes in remote areas of Manado.
At that time the government was taken over by Bogani Mulantud, named Dou.
As soon as the son of the king Mokodompit, who lived in Siau, was full grown, he was sworn in as the 7th king of the Kingdom of Bolaang Mongondow.
In the 19th century there were in the old Kabupaten of  Bolaang Mongondow five kingdoms.
The largest of the Kingdoms was Bolaang Mongondow. Then there was the kingdom of Bolaang Uki, in the 1850s  still called the Kingdom Bolaang (Bangka). Next the kingdom of Bintauna (Binta Oena), the Kingdom Bolaang Itam and the kingdom of Kaidipang.
In 1912 the the kingdom of BolaangItang joined the kingdom of Kaidipang. The name of the new kingdom was the Kingdom of Kaidipang



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