Kingdom of Siau / Isl. of Siau – Prov. Sulawesi Utara, Kab. Kepulauan Siau Tagulandang Biaro

The Kingdom of Siau: Located on Sulawesi, on the island of Siau, District Kepulauan Siau Tagulandang Biaro, prov. North Sulawesi. The Kingdom of Siau was founded by the first king Lokongbanua in 1510 and existed for more than 4 centuries until the end of the successive President of Siau King Ch David, in 1956, or 11 years after the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence on August 17, 1945 in Jakarta.

Location district Kepulauan Siau Tagulandang Biaro


Location island of Siau

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About the king

Crown prince (2017): John FE Suoth Kansil

History of the kingdom of Siau

The kingdom of Siau was founded about 4 centuries ago, in 1510. The period of the kingdom ended in 1956, after the 25th ruler of the kingdom, President Substitute king of Siau, Ch. David, died.
Siau island is large in size no more than 100 km2.
This kingdom ever covered areas in the southern part of Sangihe, the island of Kabaruan (Talaud), the island of Tagulandang, islands and coastal areas of the bay of Manado, (now North Minahasa), as well as to the empire Bolangitan or Kaidipang (Bolaang North Mongondow) even expanded to Leok Buol.

In 1510, when it was founded by King Lokongbanua (1510-1549), Siau’s kingdom was centered in a place called Kakuntungan. The place was later renamed ‘Paseng’ in 1516, because in that place the Portuguese Catholic mission once stopped and held a mass of paskah which in the record even once attended by King Lokongbanua.
In 1563 the christian religion was adopted, by King Siau II Posumah (1549-1587). This religion was brought by the diary of Diego de Magelhaes of the Sultanate of Ternate.
In 1889, the Dutch, with a tactic like that done with Prince Diponegoro in 1830, also deceived king Jacob Ponto. The Vice Resident of Manado came to Siau and asked him to board a ship, that was anchored in the port of Ulu Siau. The Dutch said they wanted to discuss important things with the king. But on the ship king Jacob Ponto was captured, and exiled into the Residency Tjirebon.

King of Siau, Winsulangi, 1591 – 1631

List of kings

– Source: John F.E. Suoth Kansil  (Facebook)

1. 1510-1549: Lokongbanua
2. 1549-1587: Pasumah, Zaman Portugis – Spanyol
3. 1587-1591: Wuisang, (Roma Katolik)
4. 1591-1639: Winsulangi (Don Geronimo)
5. 1639-1678: Batahi, (Don Fransiscus Xavirius), Laksamana Hengkeng U Naung
6. 1678-1680: Monasehiwu
7. 1680-1716: Raramenusa, X Nelly + Kansil. (Zaman VOC Belanda).
8. 1716-1752: Lohintundali
9. 1752-1788: Ismael Jacobus, X Ester Manggeadi Manoppo (Bolmong)
10. 1788-1790: Begandelu
11. 1790-1821: Umboliwutang
12. 1822-1838: Paparang
13. 1839-1850: Nicolaas Ponto

The king of Bolaang-Itang, Daud Pontoh, had 2 queens: Nanggio and Gogat. Nanggio’ s son were Jacob Pontoh dan Israel Pontoh. Jacob Pontoh later became king of Siau.

14. 1850-1889: Jacob Ponto, Exiled by the dutch to Cirebon. Untuk silsilah, klik di sini
15. 1889-1890: A. Salindeho
16. 1890-1895: Lemuel David, Tanam Pala Besar2 dan di Siay.
17. 1895-1908: Manalang Doelag Kansil, Daughter became queen of Sanger. Untuk silsilah, klik di sini
18. 1908-1913: Abraham Jacob Mohede, Serahkan singkil ke Manado Res.
19. 1913-1918: A.J. Kansil Bogar
20. 1918-1919: A.D. Laihad
21. 1919: Mathias Salele Kansil
22. 1920-1929: Lodewijk Nicolaas Kansil, Supported the PNI of Bung Karno (Soekarno), 1928.
23. 1929-1930: W. Jacobs
24. 1930-1936: Aling Janis
25. 1936-1946: D.F. Parengkuan, Japanese time and finally Indonesia Merdeka (independent)
26. 1947-1956: Ch. David
27. Theo Makahanap

King of Siau together with president Indonesie

Old maps of the islands Sangihe-Talaud, incl. Siau

Indonesia,1493, incl. Siau


Map of Sangihe-Talaud, incl. Siau, 1724


Map of Sangihe-Talaud, incl. Siau, 1894

Source (only indon. language)

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Sejarah kerajaan Siau:
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