Kingdom of Labakkang / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Pangkajane dan Kepulauan

Kekaraengan (kingdom) Labakkang is located in Sulawesi, District Pangkajene dan Kepulauan, province of South Sulawesi.
This kingdom was founded in the 16th century and in 1892 became part of Pangkajene.
The king is titled Karaeng.

District Pangkajene dan Kepulauan

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History of the kingdom

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During the reign of the kekaraengan (kings), Labakkang was a adat-community in the Pangkajene Onderafdeeling region, like also Pangkajene, Bungoro, Balocci, Ma’rang, Segeri and Mandalle. This subdistrict of Labakkang, according to Andi Bahoeroe Karaeng Gaoe, (last Karaeng Labakkang) was a former kingdom from 937 to 1378 and the king was titled Somba or Sombayya.

Andi Bahoeroe Karaeng Gaoe, Karaeng The 22nd Labakkang reveals that the word “Labakkang” (Makassarese) comes from the word “A’labba” which means width and “A’gang” meaning to be friends or unite.

Of the number of kingdoms that once existed in South Sulawesi, only three kingdoms are known to have their king titled “sombaya” meaning king worshiped, ie only the Kingdom of Gowa, Kingdom of Bantaeng and Kingdom of Labakkang. Until about 1653 AD, the Kingdom of Labakkang was named the Royal Lombasang. The name change from Lombasang to Labakkang according to the Regional Historian, (alm) Abdur Razak Daeng Patunru was on the orders of Sultan Hasanuddin after ascending the throne in 1653 as King of Gowa XVI. Abdur Razak Daeng Patunru in his writing did not mention the reason of Sultan Hasanuddin, so that changed the name Lombasang become Labakkang. Allegedly the change was based on the similarity of the name Lombasang with the name of Sultan Hasanuddin, I Mallombasi.

Map of South Sulawesi, 1909

The Rumah Adat – Traditional Community House of Labakkang

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