The sultanate of Pelalawan / Sumatera – Prov. Riau

كسولتانن ڤلالاون

The Sultanate of Pelalawan, 1725-1946.
Located on Sumatera, in the District of Pelalawan, province of Riau.

District of Pelalawan

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Foto kingdoms / sultanates on Sumatera

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Video history of the kingdoms / sultanates on Sumatera

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Revival of the sultanate of Pelalawan

On August 7, 2008, the traditional Lembaga Kerapatan of Pelalawan appointed Tengku Kamaruddin Haroen bin Sultan Syarif Harun as the 10th Sultan of Pelalawan, with the title of Sultan Assyaidis Syarif Kamaruddin Haroen Degree.

About the King

Sultan (2020): Assaidissyarif Kamarudin Haroen, Tengku Besar Pelalawan, Sultan of Pelalawan the 10th.
The king was installed 7 aug. 2008.

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History of the sultanate of Pelalawan, 1725-1946

Line of history

Kingdom of Pekantua 1380-1505

Initially, the Pelalawan Kingdom was named Pekantua Kingdom, because it was built in an area called Pematang Tuo. After successfully building the kingdom, the first king of Pekantua, Maharaja Indera (1380-1420), built the Hyang Temple in Bukit Tuo (now Pematang Buluh or Pematang Lubuk Emas) as a form of gratitude.

Kingdom of Pekantua Kampar 1505-1675

After defeating Pekantua, Sultan Mansyur Shah then appointed Munawar Shah as King Pekantua, who reigned in 1505-1511. At the ceremonial ceremony of the king, the name of the Kingdom of Pekantua was changed to the Kingdom of Pekantua Kampar.

Kingdom of Tanjung Negeri 1675-1725

During the reign of Maharaja Lela Utama (1675-1686), the royal capital was moved to the Nilo River. This kingdom is called the Kingdom of Tanjung Negeri. After his death, Maharaja Lela Utama was succeeded by his son, Maharaja Wangsa Jaya (1686-1691).

Sultanate of Pelalawan 1725 AD 1946 

Starting around 1725 AD, Maharaja Dinda II moved the Tanjung Negeri Kingdom Ccenter from the Nilo River to the Upper Rasau River. This happened because of the plague that attacked the people of Tanjung Negeri since the reign of their ancestors Maharaja Wangsa Jaya (1686 – 1691 AD). Along with this move, Maharaja Dinda II changed the name of the Tanjung Negeri Kingdom to the Pelalawan Kingdom.

In order to maintain the prosperity of the people of Pelalawan, in 1946 Sultan Syarif Harun gave Pelalawan’s dedication to the Indonesian government. After Indonesian independence was proclaimed, Sultan Syarif Harun together with the Big People agreed to declare themselves and all Pelalawan People to join the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, and are ready to help the struggle. in maintaining the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

On August 7, 2008, the Pelalawan Regency appointed Tengku Kamaruddin Haroen bin Sultan Syarif Harun as the 10th Sultan of Pelalawan, with the title Sultan Assyaidis Syarif Kamaruddin Haroen.

Kingdoms in the province of Riau, 19th century

List of kings

a) Kingdom of Pekantua (1380-1505)

* 1380-1420: Maharaja Indera
* 1420-1445: Maharaja Pura
* 1445-1460: Maharaja Laka
* 1460-1480: Maharaja Sysya
* 1480-1505: Maharaja Jaya

b) Kingdom of Pekantua Kampar (1505-1675)

* 1505-1511: Munawar Syah
* 1511-1515: Raja Abdullah
* 1526-1528: Sultan Mahmud Syah I
* 1528-1530: Raja Ali/Sultan Alauddin Riayat Syah II
* 1530-1551: Tun Perkasa/ Raja Muda Tun Perkasa
* 1551-1575: Tun Hitam
* 1575-1590: Tun Megat
* 1590-1630: Raja Abdurrahman/Maharaja Dinda
* 1630-1650: Maharaja Lela I/Maharaja Lela Utama
* 1650-1675: Maharaja Lela Bangsawan

c) Kingdom of Tanjung Negeri (1675-1725)

* 1675-1686: Maharaja Lela Utama
* 1686-1691: Maharaja Wangsa Jaya
* 1691-1720: Maharaja Muda Lela
* 1720-1725: Maharaja Dinda II

d) Sultanate of Pelalawan (1725-1946)

* 1725-1750: Maharaja Dinda II/Maharaja Dinda Perkasa/Maharaja Lela Dipati 1775-1798: Maharaja Lela II
* 1798-1822: Sayid Abdurrahman/Syarif Abdurrahman Fakhruddin
* 1822-1828: Syarif Hasyim
* 1828-1844: Syarif Ismail
* 1844-1866: Syarif Hamid
* 1866-1872: Syarif Jafar
* 1872-1886: Syarif Abubakar
* 1886-1892: Tengku Sontol Said Ali
* 1892-1930: Syarif Hasyim II
* 1930-1940: Tengku Sayid Osman/Pemangku Sultan
* 1940-1946: Syarif Harun/Tengku Sayid Harun

7 aug. 2008: Installation of Assaidissyarif Kamarudin Haroen Tengku Besar Pelalawan, as Sultan of Pelalawan the 10th.

Connection sultanate of Pelalawan and sultanate of Siak


Connection Sultan Pelalawan and Sultan Siak

The Palace: Istana Sayap

The Pelalawan Royal Palace was built by the Sultan of Pelalawan, Tengku Sontol Said Ali (1886-1892 AD). Before the building was completed, he died and was given the title Marhum Mangkat in the hall. Furthermore, the construction of the Palace continued until it was completed by his successor, Sultan Syarif Hasyim II (1892-1930 AD).
In 2012 the palace was burned down.
* Foto Palace “Sayap”: link

Old maps of Sumatera

Untuk peta kuno Sumatera (1565, 1588, 1598, 1601, 1616, 1620, 1707, 1725, 1760), klik di sini

Sumatera, 1707

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Sejarah Istana: link
Sejarah Istana: link
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Sejarah Pekantua, Pekantua Kampar, Tanjng Negeri:
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