Kingdom of Rahampu’u Matano / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Luwu

The kingdom of Rahampu’u was a kingdom of the Matano People. Located on Sulawesi, Kab. Luwu, prov. Sulawesi Selatan.

Lokasi Danau Matano

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About the kings

In 1672, the son of Mokole Rahampu’u named Lamboja became King I at Larona (the kingdom of Bungku). After that followed the son of Mokole named Langginia; he moved to Epe and became leader I there; finally the son of Mokole named Oheo became leader I in Wiwirano, whose area of government covered Laiwoi North, Lawali and Asera.

History of the kingdom

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Matano village in the past is thought to be the center of the ancient kingdom of Rahampu’u.

The Kingdom of Rahampu’u is gone, has become history, the center of the kingdom has turned into a remote village of Matano. Matano means the power of the people who are buried, the matano of the word tano means the grave. Matano village is also referred to as pompesi (iron tree) because of its Fe content.

In its heyday, all humans who lived in the kingdom of Rahampu’u were divided into 3 major groups namely:
1. Anak Mokole were the natives of the present Matano village, spread over five large villages: Rahampu’u, Lembara, Lemogola, Gampusera and Mata Alu.
2. Ihi Inia were a tribe which came from another place and asked for a settlement against the king of Raherah’u kingdom. They reside in Sokoiyo (Nuha), Sobario (Sorowako) and Pontada.
3. Palili is a tribe which were freed by the kingdom of Raherah’u either losers of war or who ask for protection.

Ruler or holder of the royal throne of Rahampu’upemimpin / chief of each PALILI.
1. Mokole: is the ruler, leader or holder of the royal throne of Raherah’u.
2. Mohola: is the leader of all PALILI, as well as Commander of the War, and also as a representative of Mokole to attend the Palili event when any event is held. Therefore, the right to become Mohola is the original descendant of Mokole Rahampu’u which is also called Mokole Motaha.
3. Pabitara: is the official spokesman of the kingdom and also as Vice Mokole to attend when from one of the tribal children held the event. In customs should be held from among Motok Mokole.
4. Bonto: is a special assistant nobleman, who is ready to assist in every activity done by Mokole.
5. Papangara: is the person in charge of delivering and informing the news to all the people.
6. Karua: is the person in charge of delivering news to every Mohola Palili.
7. Mia Mota’u: are the leaders / chiefs of each PALILI.

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Grave of king La Makandiu

Grave of king La Makandiu