Kingdom of Tanete (Barru) / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – kab. Barru

The kingdom of Tanete was a kingdom in Sulawesi, District Barru, prov. South Sulawesi. This kingdom existed from the 16th century.

District Barru

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History of the kingdom of Tanete

Before founding the Kab. of Barru, there were several small kingdoms, each of them were ruled by a king namely: kingdom of Berru (Barru), Tanete kingdom, the kingdom of Soppeng Riaja and the kingdom of Mallusetasi.
During Dutch government there was formed a Civil Government of the dutch, and the Kingdoms of Barru, Tanete and Soppeng Riaja became a “Onderafdeling” Barru, which was under the Afdelling Pare Pare. The head of the government of the Onder Afdelling was a Dutch, domiciled in Barru, while the 3 old kingdoms was given the status of Self Bestuur (Self Government); they had the right to govern daily life, both on the executive and judicial field.

Datu We Tenri Olle of Tanette/SW Sulawesi (foto below). Described as one of the best monarchs, that ever ruled on Sulawesi. She was born in 1818 as Siti Aisyah as daughter of Collie Pujie Datu Lamuru Aru Pancana, who was invloved in the writing of the LaGaligo. In 1855 she succeeded her grandfather Datu La Rumpang Megga Datu Mario Ri Awa (so also was raja of sub-kingdom of Mario Ri Wwa in Soppeng). She ruled until she died 92 years old 9-10-1910. After her her 2 daughters were ruling queens and then her grandson and greatgrandson were the last ruling rajas of Tanette. Tanette was known under her rule and that of her succesors as a very stable and prosperous principality. She was a very wise and honest queen.

Queen We Tenri Olle

List of kings Tanete (Barru)

1 Datu Ngolla Karaeng Segeri (awal Abad XVI).
2 Pangara Wampang Puang Lolo Ujung.
3 To MatinroE Ribuku Jurunna.
4 Daeng Ngasseng.
5 Daeng Majanna.

6 Torijallo ri Adderenna.
7 Daeng Sinjai. Tanete:
8 To Maburu Limanna.
9 Petta To Sugie atau Petta Pallase IseE.
10 Petta MatinroE ri Buliana.

11 La Waru Daeng Mattepu.
12 La Sulo Daeng Mattajang.
13 Datu Tanete We Patteketana Daeng Tanisanga. He was married with To Palaguna
Matinrowe ri Langkana, son of Setiaraja, Raja Luwu XXI. Married La Temmu Page orang tua Lamallarangen Datu Lompulle
14 Sultan Fahruddin Latenrioddang.
15 We Tenrileleang petta Matinroe Risoreang .Juga Payung Ri Luwu

16 La Madussila Datu Tanete To Appangewa Petta Matinroe Ri Dusun (1824).
17 La Patau Datu Tanete Karaeng Tanete Petta Matinroe Salo Moni (1824-1844).
18 Rumpang Megga Dulung Larnuru (1844-1856).
19 Sitti Aisyah We Tenriolle (1856-1910).
20 We Pancaitana BungawaliE Arung Pancana (1910-1926).
21 We Pattekketana Arung Lalolang (1926-1927).
22 Andi Baso Latenrisessu Datu Bakke (1927-1950).

Catatan : Sampal Daeng Sinjai, raja ke-7, nama Kerajaan Tanete masih Kerajaan Agang Nionjo.

– Sumber:

We Tenri Olle, queen of Tanete, 1855-1910

Google translation

Siti Aisyah We Tenriolle is a female emancipation leader from the Bugis tribe, in Tanete, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Siti Aisyah We Tenriolle is the Datu (Queen) of Tanete Kingdom (now Barru), South Sulawesi in 1855-1910. In addition to the Kingdom of Tanete, Siti Aisyah We Tenriolle also controlled the Bugis Kingdom. Thanks to Siti Aisyah We Tenriolle’s contribution in translating the masterpieces of the epic La Galigo from the ancient Bugis to the common Bugis language, Tanete gained popularity as far as the oceans and continents of Europe. The time of birth of Siti Aisyah is not known for certain. However, Siti Aisyah We Tenriolle died in 1919, in the village of Pancana Tanette ri Lau, who is also his hometown.

 Sitti Aisyah We Tenri Olle, Ratu Tanete 1855-1910

Map kingdoms of South Sulawesi, 1909

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