Kingdom of Segati / Prov. Riau, Sumatera – Kab. Pelalawan

The kingdom of Segati was located on Sumatera, Kecamatan Langgam, District Pelalawan, provinsi Riau.
This kingdom existed from the 15th – 16th century.

District Pelalawan

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History of the kingdom of Segati, 15th century

The kingdom of Segati was a kingdom founded by Tuk Jayo Sati in the 15th century. Tuk Jayo Sati was the grandson of Maharajo Olang from Kuantan. The population of Segati was Hindu or Buddhist. Segati Kingdom was once located in the upstream of Segati River, 15 km from Negeri Langgam now, on the banks of Sungai Kampar, Riau.
Currently, the position of Segati Kingdom is in Segati Village, Langgam Sub District, Pelalawan Regency, Riau. The kingdom of Segati reached the peak of triumph during the reign of Tuk Jayo Alam, the son of Tuk Jayo Tunggal.
The center of the kingdom of Segati was originally located in Ranah Tanjung Bungo, Langgam Country now. Then the center of the kingdom moved to Ranah Gunung Setawar, in the upper river Segati, by the son Tuk Jayo Sati named Tuk Jayo Tunggal. Once came a messenger from Negeri Gunung Sahilan to Segati bringing black pepper. King Segati at the time, Tuk Jayo Tunggal, bought the black pepper and sold it to Kota Macang Pandak Kuantan. Since then, pepper trade between Segati and Kuantan has become crowded and smooth. Soon there came a messenger from Gunung Hijau (allegedly Pagaruyung) who offered tin. Then Tuk Jayo Tunggal bought the tin offered and sold it at Bandar Sangar, Kuala Kampar. After Tuk Jayo Tunggal died, he was replaced by his son named Tuk Jayo Alam.
During the reign of Tuk Jayo Alam, the kingdom of Segati reached the peak of its glory which at that time was centered in Negeri Ranah Gunung Setawar.
The kingdom of Segati was conquered by the Kingdom of Aceh. After Segati lost, Tuk Jayo Bedil fled to Petalangan Napuh area, then to Kuantan.

List of kings of Segati

Tuk Jayo Sati
Tuk Jayo Tunggal
Tuk Jayo Alam
Tuk Jayo Laut
Tuk Jayo Tinggi
Tuk Jayo Gagah
Tuk Jayo Kolombai
Tuk Jayo Bedil

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