Kingdom of Tumapel, Singhasari / Jawa Timur

The kingdom of Tumapel, was founded in 1222. The official name of the Singhasari Kingdom is the Tumapel Kingdom. Located on East Jawa.
See Kingdom of Singhasari.

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History of the kingdom

See also: Kingdom of Singhasari

Based on the Kudadu inscription, the official name of the kingdom of Singhasari was kingdom of Tumapel. According Nagarakretagama, when it was first established in 1222, the capital of the Kingdom of Tumapel was  named Kutaraja.
In 1253, King Wisnuwardhana installed his son Kertanagara as yuwaraja and renamed the capital into Singhasari. The name Singhasari was the name of the capital an mored was more famous than the name Tumapel.
Tumapel name also appears in Chinese chronicles of the Yuan Dynasty with spelling Tumapan.

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