Principality of Sukapura / Jawa Barat – Wilayah Tasikmalaya

The principality of Sukapura  1641 – 1925.
Sukapura was formerly called Tawang or Galunggung, often also called Tawang-Galunggung. It was located in the District of Tasikmalaya.

District of Tasikmalaya

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History of the principality of Sukapura, 1641 – 1925

Sukapura district was established and inaugurated after the completion of the Dipati Ukur War which was stated in the Sultan Mataram Charter, exactly on July 26, 1632.

In the 17th century Priangan was divided into four duchy’s. One among them was under the leadership of Ki Wirawangsa Umbul Sukakerta, with the title of Tumenggung Wiradedaha. He was an ancestor of the adipati’s / bupati’s of Sukapura.
1811/1813 Raden Anggadipa (1807-1811 / 1813) was removed from his post by the Dutch colonial government for refusing the forced cultivation of indigo as a substitute for rice. He objected to the Dutch policy, because it will lead to people starving. As a result of the defiance, the Kadipaten of Sukapura was temporarily abolished and handed over to the government of Raden Tumenggung Wangsareja (1805-1811).
At the end of the 19th century, Dutch rearranged Priangan government and divided it into 9 afdeling (German: Abteilung). One Afdeling was Sukapura, under Raden Tumenggung Wiratanubaya IV.
Wirahadiningrat (1874-1906) was awarded the Star of Orange Nassau of the Netherlands.
January 1, 1913 the District Sukapura was renamed Tasikmalaya District.

List of rulers

List of rulers and bupati’s:

1641-…….: Wiradedaha I
…….-1674: Wiradedaha II
1674-1726: Anggadipa Wiradedaha III
1726-1745: Wiradedaha IV
1745-1747: Satjapati
1747-1765: Wiradedaha V
1765-1807: Jayamenggala
1807-1813: Demang Anggadipa
1813-1814: Suryalaga
1814-1828: Wiradedaha VI
1828-1835: Wiratanubaja I
1835-1854: Wiratanubaja II
1854-1874: Adipati Wiradedaha VII
1874-1906: Wirahadiningrat
1906-1908: Aria Prawiradiningrat
1908-1925: Wiratanudiningrat

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– The list on Wiki is at some places different:  Wiki

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah Sukapura:
Daftar penguasa Sukapura:
Daftar penguasa Sukapura:
– Sejarah Sukapura:
Tempat peristirahatan terakhir para kanjeng dalem di masa Pemerintahan Sukapura:


Sitting left: Bupati of Sukapura/Tasikmalaya R. Toemenggoeng Wira Tanoeningrat


Raden Tumenggung Wirahadiningrat 1875-1901


Grave of a Bupati of Sukapura


From left to right: East Priangan Resident, Raden Toemenggoeng Wira Tanoeningrat, Governor General / Resident Priangan, Patih and Wedana Tasikmalaya.


Raden Adipati Wiratanoeningrat, Bupati of Tasikmalaya ke 14th


Place of graves of the Bupati of Sukapura


Mosque Manonjaya during the reign of Bupati Raden Adipati Wirahadiningrat, tahun 1875 – 1901

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