Kingdom of Tojo / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – Kab. Tojo Una-Una

The kingdom of Tojo was located in Prov. Central Sulawesi, District Tojo Una-Una.

District Tojo Una-Una

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History of the kingdom

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At first the people inhabiting the Poso region were under the rule of the Kings as there were the kings of Poso, Napu, Mori, Tojo, Una Una and Bungku.

The earliest history of Tojo’s formation dates from the pickup of the king of Pilewiti by the Manuru “Talamoa” from Tojo. Narrated in the journey from Bambalowo around 1770 with guards 40 men to Tojo by boat Sampan Batang. There was a dialogue and question and answer between Talamoa with Pilewiti, who asked all the rivers to be passed from Sausu to Tanjung Pati-Pati; in the end Pilewiti pointed the Tojo river as a place to live, because according to him the place (Tojo) is the one best of all that passes from Sausu to Pati-Pati so that Tojo is designated as the center of the kingdom.
This short story illustrates that the realm of kingdom of Tojo ranged from Pati-Pati to Pandiri (Korontomasa). The selection of Tojo village as the center of the Tojo kingdom had a deep philosophical meaning with the words Tojo or Matojo (in strong bugis language) ie there is a force, that is stored among the Tojo people especially in courage in facing all challenges including tenacity in wading through the seas and looking for leadership ). From this story the beginning of the name Tojo known and became the center of the kingdom.

List of kings

Old maps of Sulawesi

For old maps of Sulawesi (1606, 1633, 1683, 1700, 1757, 1872, 19th century): klik here

Sulawesi and Maluku, 1683


Muslaini, king of Tojo, 1912-1927


Right: king Tandjumbulu


King Muslaini of Tojo, 1907-27


From left to right: Lapalege Laborahima (Togean Una Una), Tandjumbulu (Tojo), Amir (Banggai Luwuk).


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