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A somewhat different and more up-to-date genealogy was kindly prepared on our behalf by Watakee Lenny Corlentji Bakker, the eldest daughter of Johannis Jesajas Bakker, the twelfth Raja of Kisar. It seems that some details of Rodenwaldt’s listing are not correct:

The Rajas of Kisar
Raja From To
First Cornelis Bakker

His first wife, Huriey, had one son called Maulewen. His second wife, Daunwahan, also had one son called Sonray.

Second Maulewen Frederick Bakker

His wife, Lalutaihala Andiara, had two sons, Loisakolay and Kowoteri, and one daughter, Lililewen.

1686 1710
Third Loisakolay Philipus Bakker

His wife Riiserne Hea had one son, Koholouk. In 1715 the Raja provided military support to the VOC in one of their conflicts.

1710 1732
Fourth Koholouk Johannis Bakker

His wife Paramoko had a son, Hairmere.

1732 1752
Fifth Hairmere Philipus Bakker

His wife Johanna Swalyo had two sons, Gerrith and Johannis, and two daughters, Anna and Elisabeth.

1769 1782
Wakil or Deputy Raja Maulewen Frederik Bakker

His wife Loulemaha had two sons, Utanmeru and Wanamau, and two daughters, Pinaikowo and Heliwahan.

1783 1792
Sixth Utanmeru Zacharias Bakker

His wife Tewelaluna Elisabeth had three sons, Hairmere, Maulewen and Pakar, and two daughters, Carolina and Citerina.

1792 1826
Seventh Hairmere Philipus Bakker

His wife Daunwahan Adriana had three sons, Kowoten, Pakar and Utanmeru, and one daughter, Riiserne Hea.

Eighth Utanmeru Zacharias Bakker

His wife Wohokawi had two sons, Wanamau Jesajas and Maulewen Frederik, and one daughter, Daunwahan Adriana.

1882 1889
Nineth Wanamau Jesajas Bakker

His wife Riikeri Carolina Poeroe had one son, Haimere.

1895 1915
Tenth Hairmere Agus Octovianus Bakker 1923 1941
Wakil or Deputy Raja Wanamau Jesajas Bakker

His wife, Elina Paulina da Costa had three sons: Hairmere Philipus Zacharias, Wanamau Jesajas and Maulewen Frederik, and five daughters: Pimitan Angganita, Wohokawi Dina, Masa Elenora, Riikeri Carolina and Duduporo Zusana.

1941 1946
Eleventh Hairmere Philipus Zacharias Bakker

His wife, Doisila Josephina Paays had two sons: Utanmeru Zacharias Cornelis and Wanamau Jhon Jesajas, and four daughters: Watakee Lenny Corlentji, Loulemaha Alike Elisabeth (who died in 1962), Houlemaha Alike Elisabeth and Consonsai Ellen Elina.

1946 1992
Twelfth Wanamau Jhon Jesajas Bakker

His wife, Maria Anthonieta Ribeiro, was childless. The Raja died on 7 October 2007.

1997 2007



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