Kingdom of Sontang / Prov. Sumatera Barat

The kingdom of Sontang is located on Sumatera, District Pasaman, prov. Sumatera Barat. 16th Century (not sure).

District Pasaman

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About the king (2018)

Present Raja: Tuanko Rajo Sontang XVII.
The king was installed on 15 june 2013.

History of the kingdom of Sontang, 16th century (not sure)

Sontang kingdom is one of the kingdoms of western Sumatra Province, joined the Republic of Indonesia in 1945, with a statement by King Sontang the XI, so not to cause a social revolution. Located in Pasaman (border province of northern Sumatra in the west Sumatra province), covering the subdistrict Duo Koto and Kanagarian Sontang in the district center.
The kings of the Nasution clan, are descendant of King Gumanti Porang of Pidoli Lombang Panyabungan, speaking Mandahiling but still blood-connected with the Pagaruyung kings. This Sontang kingdom borders: north bounded by the Kingdom Pakantan, south to Negeri Talu and Sinurut, west of the Kingdom of Parit Batu, east of the Kingdom of Rao.

King of Sontang X, 1908-1939 with family

List of kings

* Si Baroar bergelar Nasaktion (Nasution)
* Raja Gumanti Porang
* Raja Lobi

* Gambir Tuanku Rajo Sontang I
* Parlagutan Tuanku Rajo Sontang II
* Ninggil Tuanku Rajo Sontang III
* Nuncang Tuanku Rajo Sontang IV yang mula-mula masuk Islam
* Mutar Tuanku Rajo Sontang V

* Garang Tuanku Rajo Sontang VI
* Nanggar Tuanku Rajo Sontang VII
*  Ratus Haji Sulthan Tuanku Rajo Sontang VIII
* Humala Sutan Sulaiman Tuanku Rajo Sontang IX
* Djaaman Tuanku Rajo Sontang X

* Ahmad Dahlan Tuanku Rajo Sontang XI
* 2013: paman (paktuo) saya: Taufik Arief, S.H, Tuanku Rajo Sontang XII

– Source Blog: Muhammad Abduh Nasution bre Lingga Mukhtirulilm

Surau of the king of Sontang

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