Kingdom of Besoa / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – kab. Poso

The kingdom of Besoa, is located on Sulawesi, provinsi Sulawesi Tengah, District of Poso. 18th Century (?).

District of Poso

Foto kingdom of Besoa: below
Foto kingdoms in the region of Poso:

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Foto kingdoms on Sulawesi

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History of the kingdom of Besoa, 18th century

There is no information about this kingdom, only the story below.
It was a kingdom under the kingdom of Poso.

Google translation

As the successor of the king, Siominanga was appointed as his father’s successor. He is known as Mokole Siominanga, of Balinggi. He no longer finds it difficult to rule because he has always been with his father since his childhood. He is also liked by his people. The kingdom of Balinggi reaches the height of its glory under his rule. Some jealous kings like the king of Bada, Lore, Napu, and Besoa are located south of the kingdom of the High. Three times they attacked the high kingdom. The first attack launched by the kingdom of Bada, but was successfully broken by the kingdom of Balinggi. Because of hurt, the kingdom of Bada joined the kingdom of Napu to attack the kingdom of Balinggi back, but the attack was still successfully paralyzed by the kingdom of Balinggi. The next attack of the kingdom of Bada, the kingdom of Napu, and the kingdom of Besoa rejoined to attack the kingdom of Balinggi and still succeed their halau. Although human casualties are falling until blood flows the river that floods the villages.

Kingdom of Besoa, 1918

Kingdoms in Poso region, end 19th century

NB: kerajaan = kingdom

* kerajaan Poso,
* kerajaan Napu,
* kerajaan Bada,
* kerajaan Besoa,
* kerajaan Bancea,
* kerajaan Bakekau,
* kerajaan Leboni,
* kerajaan Watutau,
* kerajaan Ondae,
* kerajaan Pebato,
* kerajaan Lage,
* kerajaan Lore.

Foto kingdom of Besoa

Left: King Oemana Koeroe of Bariri in Besoa. Sumber foto: Pramaartha Pode, FB


Opening of agricultural school in Mapane 1930-ies. Kiri: raja of Besoa, then the paramount raja of Posso, Sumber foto: donald tick, FB tick


King Oemana Kuru with family. Sumber foto: pramaartha pode, fb


People from Besoa and Napu


King/Makole Oemana Langa of Besoa/Poso area. Sumber: Collection former Hendrik Kraemer Missionary Institute — Donald Tick, Facebook

Map of the kingdoms on Central Sulawesi, 1909. Incl Poso region

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