Rajo Tigo Selo, highest institution of the kingdom of Pagaruyung / Prov. Sumatera Barat – Pagaruyung

Rajo Tigo Selo is not a kingdom, but the highest institution in the kingdom of Pagaruyung.
Rajo Tigo Selo consitsts of 3 kings, Raja Alam, Raja Adat and Raja Ibadat. Each king has a duty, authority and a separate position. Raja Alam oversees Raja Adat and Raja Ibadat. Raja Alam is located in Pagaruyung

The 3 kings of Rajo Tigo Selo always try to maintain close kinship relationship with the way of mutual marriage with the aim to purify the noble blood among them, also to keep the structure of the triad of power so as not to be easily divided.
Raja Alam is the highest of the kings. The Raja Alam decides about governance as a whole.
The Raja Adat has the duty to decide matters relating to the problem of the covenant.
Raja Ibadat decides on religious matters.

The Raja Alam was the head of government, whereas Raja Adat took care of the problems of worship and the Raja Ibadat took care of religious and educational matters.
Each king had their own domicile. The Raja Alam is domiciled in Pagaruyung, Raja Adat is located in Buo and Raja Ibadat is domiciled in Sumpur Kudus.

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