Kingdom of Lasem / Jawa timur

The kingdom of Lasem, 1351-1479 was located on central Jawa and east Jawa.
This kingom was a kingdom under kerajaan Majapahit.

East Jawa

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History of the kingdom

Lasêm kingdom is the name of a subordinate kingdom of Majapahit which existed on the border of Central Java and East Java in the 14th century. This kingdom left many historical evidence of both Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic, but during the Dutch colonization the existing relics in Lasem were destroyed by the Dutch (Carita ‘History’ of Lasem). Lasem Kingdom changed its status to Lasem Duchy in the 15th century after Prince Wiranegara.

At the time of Kutha, Lasem was led by Sayawu Mpu Metthabadra. In 1345 AD Lasem state was still safe and serene. No other country colonized it. It was not until Wilwatikta was ruled by King Hayam Wuruk, Akuwu Lasem Mpu Metthabadra was conquered by the Arya Gajah Mada Patih and Lasem under the Majapahit empire.
Lasem Kingdom was handed over to Dewi Indu, he graduated as King with the title of Bhre Lasem in 1351. Carita’s manuscript The history of Lasem mentions that in the year of Shaka 1351, it was Dewi Indu who became Queen in Lasem.

The city of Lasem,  1351

List of kings

According to the Vedic script of Badra Santi (Mpu Santibadra) and Kitab Carita Lasem (Mpu Panji Karsono), the order of Lasem kings is as follows:

  1. Bhre Lasem Duhitendu Dewi (Dewi Indu Purnamawulan), first king of Lasem
  2. Pangeran Badrawardana, son of Bhre Lasem Duhitendu Dewi and Bhre Mataun Rajasawardana
  3. Pangeran Wijayabadra, son of Pangeran Badrawardana
  4. Pangeran Badranala, son of Pangeran Wijayabadra
  5. Pangeran Wirabajra, son of Pangeran Badranala and Putri Cempo Bi Nang Ti, the centre of the government was moved to Bhumi Bonang Binangun
  6. Pangeran Wiranagara, son of Pangeran Wirabajra, he also helped Sunan Ampel.

At the time of Prince Wiranagara’s death, the government was held by his wife, Nyi Ageng Maloka, daughter of Sunan Ampel and the center of government was moved back to Bhumi Lasem in front of Puri Kriyan with Duke of Lasem. He was assisted by relatives of the husband, Prince Santipuspa son Tumenggung Wilwatikta Mpu Santibadra.

Kingdoms under the rule of Majapahit (red: kingdom of Lasem)

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kerajaan Lasem:
– Sejarah kerajaan Lasem:


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