Kingdom of Talaga Manggung / Jawa Barat – Kab. Majalengka

The kingdom of Talaga Manggung was located on Kabupaten Majalengka, prov. Jawa Barat.
This kingdom existed before the 15th century.

Provinsi West Jawa

District of Majalengka

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History of the kingdom

The kingdom of Talaga Manggung existed before the 15th.   Kewadanaan Talaga was an older kingdom, located in Majalengka regency, with the named Sunan Talaga Manggung, the descendant of king Prabu Siliwangi, a kingdom in Sangiang. He had two sons, one male and one female, a man named Raden Panglurah and a woman named Ratu Simbar Kencana.
Ratu Simbar Kencana’s husband was a patih head in the palace, named Palembang Gunung, originally from Palembang. After Patih Palembang Gunung was trusted by his father-in-law, sunan Talaga Manggung and obeyed by his people, he wished to become a king in Sangiang Talaga, with the intention of killing his in-law Sunan Talaga Manggung.

List of kings

1) Batara Gunung Picung; the Hindu kingdom in Talaga existed in the 13th century, the King was a descendant of Queen Galuh who reigned in Ciamis.
2) King of Darma Suci; Also called Pandita Perabu Darma Suci. During this king’s reign, Hinduism developed rapidly in the 13th century.
3) Sunan Talaga Manggung; Little is known about the reign of this king other than his removal from Talaga to Cihaur Maja area.
4) Sunan Talaga Manggung 2; Sunan Talaga Manggung was a famous king because of his fair and wise attitude and his concern for Hinduism, agriculture, irrigation, crafts and folk art.
5) Queen Simbarkencana; Around the beginning of the 14th century, during his government the Islam spread to the areas of his power; it was brought by the Santri from Cirebon.
6) Sunan Parung; The reign of Sunan Parung was not long, just a few years. The important thing during his reign was the existence of Government Representatives called Dalem, among others placed in the area Kulur, Sindangkasih, Jerokaso Maja.
7) Queen Sunyalarang; As the sole daughter she ascended the throne to replace her father Sunan Parung and married the son of Prabu Siliwangi named Raden Rangga Mantri or better known as Prabu Pucuk Umum.
8) Rangga Mantri or Prabu Pucuk Umum; At the end of the 15th century, the people of Majalengka were Muslim. Before his death he had appointed his son to rule in his domains.
9) Sunan Wanaperih; Famous Sunan Wanaperih, in Talaga; was a king who embraced Islam as well as all people in this country all have embraced Islam. Sunan Wanaperih ruled at Walangsuji, but he was succeeded by his son Apun Surawijaya, then the center of government returned to Talaga.

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