Kingdom of Una Una / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – Kab. Tojo Una-Una

The kingdom of Una Una, was founded in 1899. Located on Sulawesi, the island of Togian, District Tojo Una Una, provinsi Sulawesi Tengah.

District Tojo Una Una

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History of the kingdom

Togean kingdom was a kingdom, that was sovereign and autonomous, and had great power. The existence of kingship and material (royal heirlooms) became the source of this kingdom, as seen from the yellow flag length 3 M and 1.5 M wide and has a crown of mountains emblem as a symbol of royal defense and yellow bamboo grove.
The first king of the kingdom of Togean, named Sari Buah, ruled from 1762 1791. Togean kingdom was founded in 1762 and the capital was Benteng; the title of the king of Togean was Kolongian.
During the reign of the seventh king, named Zachariah (1896-1899), the Dutch Company wanted friendship and cooperation, but the king was forced to sign a agreement: Zachariah submitted and surrendered to the dutch and was willing to move the center of Togean to the region of UnaUna.

With a displacement of the center of the kingdom, also king Zachariah was replaced by Mohammed Marudjeng Zachariah Dg. Materru as the first king of the kingdom of UnaUna (1899 – 1926). Later Muhammad Marudjeng Dg. Materru was replaced by Lapalege Laborahima and finally the last king in the kingdom of UnaUna was Sainudin Lasahido (1946-1950).

List of kings

* 1899-1926: Materru, first king of Una-Una 
Lapalege Laborahima
* 1946-1950: last king of Una-Una was Sainudin Lasahido

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kabupaten Tojo – Una Una:

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