Kingdom of Panei (Simalungun) / Prov. Sumatera Utara – kab. Simalungun

The Kingdom of Panei was a kingdom of the Simalungun People, Purba Dasuha clan, located on Sumatera, in District Simalungun, province of North Sumatera. Founded about 1450.

District Simalungun

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About the king

The king of the kingdom of Panei is from the Purba Dasuha Clan.
Last king of Panei (1886-1946): Tuan Bosar Sumalam Purba Sidasuha, king of Panei the 14th.

 Kamen Purba Dasuha, a descendant of the Panei kings, with the gotong Dormani Emas Tujuh Tingkat; the seven levels of coloring gold were only used by Simalungun kings.

History of the kingdom of Panei, founded about 1450

The kingdom of Panei is from the clan of Purba Sidasuha. From the history of the Dolok Silau Kingdom and the book of Pustaha Bandar Hanopan is known that Purba Dasuha was a clan that emerged later from the Silau Kingdom in Simalungun around the year 1450. Tuan Suha Bolak who founded the Panei Kingdom, was the son of Raja Silau named Purba Tambak, later changed his name to Purba Dasuha.
The last Panei king named Tuan Bosa Sumalam Purba Dasuha died on March 3, 1946 and the king’s palace was burned during the revolution of 1946.

Kings of Simalungun area 1930.
From left to right:
king of Tanoh Jawa – Sang Majadi (morga Sinaga),
Partuanon Silou Kahean – Tuan Gaib (morga Purba),
king of Raya – Tuan Gomok (morga Saragih Garingging),
king of Siantar – Tuan Sawadim (morga Damanik),
king of Panei – Tuan Bosar Sumalam (morga Purba),
king of Dolog Silou – Tuan Ragaim (morga Purba),
king of Purba – Tuan Mogang (morga Purba),
Partuanon Bandar – Tuan Desta Bulan (morga Damanik) dan
king of Silimakuta – Tuan Padiraja (morga Girsang)

List of kings Panei

1700: Panei state founded

Rulers (Sutan Gagar Alam):

* c.1775 – c.1790: Raja Marhum Mangkat Salih
* 1790 – 1813: Raja Sati
* 1813 – 1856: Raja Badiri Sutan Mengedar Alam
* 1856 – 1880: Sutan Gagar Alam I
* 1880 – 1905: Sutan Mengedar Alam Syah
* 1905 – 1907: Tengku Sulung Syahmara
* 1907 – 1938: Sutan Gagar Alam II Rahmatullah
* 1938 – 1946: Sutan Mahmud Aman

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The Purba Clan

Purba is one four original clans of the Simalungun tribe originally from an area called Simalungun in the province of North Sumatra.
Etymologically Purba comes from Sanskrit, meaning purwa means east. Other meanings are future signs, pegatur, law holder, knowledge lord, scholar / scholar.
Purba was a clan of kings in the kingdom of Banua Purba, one of the kingdoms that once existed in the Simalungun area. King Purba had descendants: Tambak, Sigumonrong, Tua, Sidasuha (Sidadolog, Sidagambir). There are also the clans of Purba Siborom Tanjung, Pakpak, Girsang, Tondang, Sihala, Raya.
Ancient clans in Simalungun are still divided: Purba Pakpak, Purba Tambak, Purba Dasuha, Purba Tua, Purba Silangit, Purba Sidadolok, Purba Tondang, Purba Sigumonrong and Girsang.

District Simalungun today with the boundaries of the old kingdoms

History of the kingdoms in the Simalungun area

Google translation

In its history there are 3 (three) phases of kingdoms, that once ruled and reigned in Simalungun.
The first phase is the two kingdom phase (harajaon na dua):

NB: Marga = Clan

* Kingdom of Nagur (marga Damanik) dan
* Kingdom of Batanghio (marga Saragih).

The second phase is the phase of 4 kingdoms:

* Kingdom of Siantar (marga Damanik),
* Kingdom of Panai (marga Purba Dasuha),
* Kingdom of Silau (marga Purba Tambak), dan
Kingdom of Tanoh Jawa (marga Sinaga).

The third phase is the phase of 7 kingdoms:

* Kingdom of Siantar (marga Damanik),
Kingdom of Panai (marga Purba Dasuha),
* Kingdom of Silau (marga Purba Tambak),
Kingdom of Tanoh Jawa (marga Sinaga),
Kingdom of Raya (marga Saragih Garingging),
Kingdom of Purba (marga Purba Pakpak) dan
* Kingdom of Silimakuta (marga Purba Girsang) (Damanik, 2010:1-2).

This third phase begins with the actions of the Dutch government to form a government in the Simalungun region, by treating Belsuit Governor General of the Dutch East Indies Stbl. No 531 of 1906 with the arrangement of seven Kingdoms, called “Napal Kings”.

Map of kingdoms in North Sumatera, 19th century

Source (only indon. language)

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