Sultanate of Lima Laras / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The Sultanate of Lima Laras was located on Sumatera, in the District of Batu Bara, prov. north Sumatera.
The sultanate of Lima Laras was probably founded in the 16th century.

District of Batu Bara

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About the king

Datuk Matyoeda Sridiraja was the child of Datuk Haji Djafar Raja Sri Indra.
Datuk Matyoeda had a grandchild, named Datuk Muhammad Azminsyah, 72 years old, who is still alive and is the “keeper” and also Stakeholder as Pemangku Adat Melayu Istana Lima Laras.
* Datuk Haji Djafar Raja Sri Indra,
* Son of Haji Djafar Raja Sri Indra: Datuk Matyoeda Sridiraja, king XIII of the Kingdom of Lima Laras, born in 1883, died in 1919.
* Grandchild of Datuk Matyoeda Sridiraja (2013): Datuk Muhammad Azminsyah.

History of the sultanate of Lima Laras, 16th century

The history of the kingdom of Lima Laras can not be separated from the Sultanate of Siak Sri Indapura in Riau. The kingdom of Lima Laras is estimated to exist since the 16th century, but it often moved and had not had a permanent palace. In 1912, Datuk Matyoeda, King of the Kingdom of Lima Laras XII intended to build a palace in Batu Bara, which is  known as a strategic area for trade. Royal Family of Lima Laras was expelled from the palace in 1942, when the Japanese army to subdue the area of Asahan.

The palace

The founder of the palace was Datuk Matyoeda, the XIII King of the Sultanate of Lima Laras, who was born in 1883 and finally died in 1919.
The palace “Niat Lima Laras” is located in Hamlet I, Desa Lima Laras, District of Tanjung Tiram Batubara Regency of North Sumatra Province.
The palace was renovated in 2015.

* Foto palace “Niat”: link

Source (only indon. language)

Istana Niat Lima Laras:
– Istana Niat Lima Laras direnovasi, 2105:
– Tentang Istana:
Sejarah kesultanan dan istana:
– Sejarah Kab. Batu Bara:

The palace in the past, not yet renovated

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