Kingdom of Mokapog / Prov. Sulawesi Utara – Kab. Bolaang Mongondow Utara

The kingdom of Mokapog was located on Sulawesi, District North Bolaang Mongondow. North Sulawesi.

District North Bolaang Mongondow

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History of the kingdom

Mokapog or Mokapogu was the name of an old country in North Sulawesi, a sovereign and self-governing kingdom, that existed approximately until four centuries ago, before the arrival of European nations such as Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands.
Mokapog was the mother country, which later evolved into the three kingdoms, known as the Kingdom of Kaidipang, Bintauna kingdom and the Kingdom of Bolangitang.
(Note: in 1912 Kaidipang and Bolangitang kingdom were united with the name Kingdom Kaidipang Besar (great).
Kaidipang kingdom was founded by Pugu pugu Maurits Datubinangkal Korompot, Bintauna kingdom was founded by Datu Solagu or Datunsolang. The first king of the Kingdom of Bolangitang was Salmon Muda Pontoh.
The Kingdom of Great Kaidipang (1912 – 1950), was governed by the first and last king, King
Raja Ram Suit Pontoh (R.S.Pontoh).

Gorontalo / Mongondow beginning 20th century

List of kings

The first and last king was: 1912-1950: Raja Ram Suit Pontoh (R.S. Pontoh).

King Ram Suit Pontoh (R.S. Pontoh)

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kerajaan Mokapog:
Sejarah kerajaan Mokapog:


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