Sultanate of Lamuri – Prov. of Aceh, Sumatera

Sultanate of Lamuri: 9th century – 15th century.
This kingdom was located on Sumatera, District Aceh Besar, prov. Aceh, with the centre in Lam Reh.

District Aceh Besar

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History of the kingdom of Lamuri, 9th – 15th century

Lamuri (or Lambri) was a kingdom in northern Sumatra, from the Srivijaya period until the early 16th century. The area was inhabited by Hindu population around the 7th century. There is also evidence of Buddhism. The region is also thought to be one of the earliest places of arrival of Islam in the Indonesian archipelago, and in its later period its rulers were Muslims.

Lamuri is generally considered to be located in the Aceh province near Banda Aceh. Its location has been suggested to be in today’s Lambaro to the west of Bandar Aceh where submerged ruins of buildings and tombstones have been found, although some now associate Lamuri with Lam Reh where there are ancient tombstones. Accounts of Lamuri have been given in various sources from the 9th century onwards, and it is thought to have become absorbed into the Aceh Sultanate by the early 16th century.

Lamuri is thought to be one of the cities controlled by the Srivijaya empire. In 1025, the port was attacked in the raids on Srivijaya led by Rajendra Chola, and appeared to come under the influence of the Tamils. By the 13th century, it was again under Srivijayan control as Zhu Fan Zhi noted that it paid tribute to Sanfoqi (usually thought to be Srivijaya). It also pledged its allegiance to Kublai Khan according to Marco Polo in 1292 (the Mongols had demanded the submission of various states that year before their failed invasion of Java). In the 14th century, Odoric of Pordenone mentioned that Lamori and Samudera were constantly at war with each other. The 14th century work Nagarakretagama listed Lamuri as one of the vassal states of the Majapahit. Portuguese writers such as João de Barros also mentioned Lamuri in the 16th century; de Barros placed Lambrij (Lamuri) between Daya and Achin (Aceh), but according to Suma Oriental written by Tomé Pires in 1512–1515, Lambry had by then come under the control of Achin whose king was the only ruler in the area.

Location Desa Lamreh. Centre of the kingdom of Lamuri

List of Sultans

* 1419: Malik Syamsuddin (died)
* 1419: Malik ‘Alawuddin (died)
* Muzhhiruddin. Thought to be a king, unknown when he died.
* 1431: Sultan Muhammad bin ‘Alawuddin (died)*
* 1434: Malik Nizar bin Zaid (died)
* 1441: Malik Zaid (bin Nizar?) (died)
* 1439: Malik Jawwaduddin (died)
* 1442: Malik Zainal ‘Abidin (died)
* 1444: Malik Muhammad Syah (died)
* 1503: Sultan Muhammad Syah (died)

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Fortress of Indra Patra

Indra Patra Fortress was built in the 7th century by the son of King Harsa of Lamuri Kingdom, the first Hindu kingdom in Aceh (Indra Patra) before the arrival of Islamic influence. The position of this fort is quite strategic, because it faces directly with the Malacca Strait, so it serves as a defensive fortress from the Portuguese fleet attack.
This fort is a heritage of the Hindu kingdom in the land of Aceh located on the coast of Ujong Batee, precisely in the village Ladong Mesjid Raya District, District of Aceh Besar.
This fort is one of the bases of Aceh Lhee Sagoe Trail. Trail Aceh Lhee Sagoe is an area connecting three relics of Hindu-Buddhist era in Aceh. As the name suggests, Lhee (Acehnese) means three (Indonesian). These three relics are Indrapatra, Indrapuri and Indrapurwa, thus forming a triangle called Aceh Trail lhee Sagoe.

Old maps of Sumatera

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Sumatera, 1707

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