Kingdom of Palembang / Prov. Sumatera Selatan

The kingdom of Palembang exists from the 15th century – 1659; Located on Sumatera, in the region of the city of Palembang, provinsi Sumatera Selatan.
After the kingdom of Palembang came the Sultanate of Palembang (1659 – 1821).

City of Palembang

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History of the kingdom of Palembang, 15th – 1659.

After the kingdom of Palembang came the Kesultanan Palembang: 1659 – 1821.

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The kingdom of Palembang was founded around the 15th century. Ario Damar was the founder of this kingdom. He actually represented the Majapahit Kingdom in Palembang Lamo (or later called the Kingdom of Palembang), with the title of Adipati Ario Damar, who came to power between 1455 and 1486. When he came to Palembang, the people and people of this region were actually converted to Islam. It is estimated, that he eventually converted to Islam by changing his name to Ario Abdillah or Ario Dillah (in Javanese, dillah means lamp).

Until the end of the year 1677, the Kingdom of Palembang was still loyal to the kingdom of Mataram, which was considered as his protector, especially after the Banten Kingdom attacks that have been done since 1596. In 1610, the Kingdom of Palembang never made contact with the VOC. Initially, the VOC reluctantly associated with the Kingdom of Palembang. In fact, during the reign of Pangeran Sideng Kenayan, the VOC Trade Representative Office (Factorij) was opened in Palembang, through the intermediary of the Governor General in Batavia, Jacob Specx (1629-1632). However, in 1659, Keraton Kuta Gawang and its forts were destroyed by the VOC invaded.

The destruction of the palace was a sign of the end of the existence of the Kingdom of Palembang. The destruction affected the displacement of the palace and the settlement of the people towards the upstream.
After the destruction of the Kingdom of Palembang, then was born the sultanate of Palembang.
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List of kings

  1. Ario Abdillah (Ario Dila, before called Ario Damar) (1455-1486)
  2. Pangeran Sedo Ing Lautan (1547-1552)
  3. Kiai Gede Ing Suro Tuo (1552-1573)
  4. Kiai Gede Ing Suro Mudo (Kiai Mas Anom Adipati Ing Suro) (1573-1590)
  5. Kiai Mas Adipati (1590-1595)
  6. Pangeran Madi Ing Angsoko (1595-1629)
  7. Pangeran Madi Alit (1629-1630)
  8. Pangeran Sedo Ing Puro (1630-1639)
  9. Pangeran Sedo Ing Kenayan (1639-1650)
  10. Pangeran Sedo Ing Pesarean (1651-1652)
  11. Pangeran Sedo Ing Rajek (1652-1659)

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