Kingdom of Barnusa / Isl. of Pantar – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Barnusa is located on the west of Pantar Island, province of Nusa Tenggara Timur.
The ruling power was split between 2 clans: Baso and Blegar.

Location island of Pantar


Location island of Pantar

* Video history kingdoms on Pantar and Nusa Tenggara Timur, 40.000 BC-today: link


Present king (2008):

Present king: Bapak Mangkup Radja Baso. He is the16th king of Barnusa.

Family Blegur

There is actually here one paramount Raja of the Baso-dynasty, but in this principality on Pantar island there is another powerful ruling family, who can be regarded as vice-raja with title of Kapitan. In other areas in this province the title Kapitan mostly refers to districtchief only without mostly any sovereign power, but in Barnusa this is different.
The Blegur ruling family has their own responsibilty in a part of Barnusa and only cooperates strongly with the Baso-raja dynasty.
Kapitan Bastian Blegur is the grandson of last semi-sovereign of the Kalondama area and is given the title of Kapitan of Barnusa. Already for more than 35 years he is the real leader of the people.

Kapitan Bastian C. Blegur from Barnusa (foto 2008 ?). Foto Private Collection of mr. D. Tick

History of the kingdom of Barnusa

During the heyday of the triumph of Majapahit (1367) there was Galiau Watang Lema (Pantar) or coastal areas islands. Galiau which consists of five kingdoms, namely Kui and Flower Bali in Alor and Blagar, Pandai and Baranua on Pantar. The alliance of these 5 kingdoms on the coast is believed to have close ties with each other. Even kings claim to have the same ancestors. The founder of the 5 kingdoms of the coastal area were 5 sons Mau Wolang from Majapahit and they grew up in Pandai.
Early 20th century Alor consisted of five kingdoms, namely Kui, Batulolong, Kolana, Baranusa and Alor. Alor royal territory covered the northern part of the island of Alor, Kabola.

Island of Pantar (and Barnusa)

House of the family of the king of Barnusa


Grave of king Aku Boli.

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