Kingdom of Sanggau / Prov. Kalimantan Barat

كرجاان سڠاو

The Kingdom of Sanggau: 1310 – 1960.
Located in the District of Sanggau, province of, West Kalimantan.
The title of the king: Pangeran Ratu.

District of Sanggau

Foto kingdom of Sanggau

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About the king

26-7-2009: Pangeran Ratu H. Gusti Arman Surya Negara was installed as new king of Sanggau, after a vacuum of 49 years.

History of the kingdom of Sanggau, 1310 – 1960

The kingdom of Sanggau exist since the 4th century.
The descendants of the Sanggau Kingdom today believe that their ancestral kingdom was first established on April 7, 1310 AD, when Dara Nante was crowned as the first ruler of the Sanggau Kingdom.
The mention of “Sanggau” itself comes from the name of a plant that grows on the edge of the river region of the kingdom, the river Sekayam.

The successor of the government of the Sanggau Kingdom after Prince Mangkubumi Pakunegara was the youngest brother (Uju) who reigned from 1658 to 1690 AD.
The appointment of the youngest brother to be king was done because the other two wives of Prince Mangkubumi could not give a son. The youngest brother was crowned as King of Sanggau with the title of Sultan Mohammad Jamaluddin Kusumanegara.
– Source:

Gusti Muhammad Ali II Suryanegara Panembahan Sanggau father of Gusti Muhammad Thaher III Suryanegara. Sumber Gusti M Hidayat, FB

List of kings

• Abang Tabrani with the title Pangeran Ratu Surya Negara (1741-1762 M).
• Panembahan Mohammad Thahir I Surya Negara ( 1762-1785 M).
• Pangeran Usman with the title Panembahan Usman Paku Negara (1785-1812 M).
• Panembahan Mohammad Ali Surya Negara (1812-1823).
• Sultan Ayub Paku Negara (1812-1828).
• Panembahan Mohammad Kusuma Negara (1828-1860).
• Panembahan Thahir II (1860-1876).
• Panembahan Haji Sulaiman Paku Negara (1876-1908).
• Panembahan Gusti Mohammad Ali Surya Negara (1908-1915).
• Pangeran Gusti Mohammad said Paku Negara ( 1915-1921).
• Panembahan Thahir Surya Negara (1921-1941).
• Gusti Mohammad Arif (1941-1942).
• Ade Marhaban Saleh (1942-1944).
• Penembahan Gusti Ali Akbar (1944-1945).
• Panembahan Gusti Mohammad Taufik Surya Negara (1945)
• Pangeran ratu H. Gusti Arman Surya Negara (2009)

Palace of the kingdom

Name: Istana Surya Negara

The palace was originally built in the village Daranante Mengkiang or rather back up the river Sekayam, but until now it is unknown when the keraton was built. In 1826, the Sultan Ayub moved the center of the kingdom of Sanggau to Desa Kantuk. In 1826 when the kingdom was ruled by Panembahan Kusuma Negara, there was made a deal with the Dutch colonial government to lease a plot of land in the region downstream Sekayam.

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Source (only indon. language)

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