Kingdom of Mollo / Isl. of Timor – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Mollo (OEnam) is located on the island of Timor, District Timor Tengah Selatan, prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur.

District Timor Tengah Selatan


Location of Timor

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About the king

King of Mollo: Usif Pah Donald Ernest Tbelto Oematan, since 2014.
He is the oldest son, of late king Edison Richard Ferdinand Oematan; installed 12-5-2001. He died 19 november 2014.

History of the kingdom

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The kingdom of Mollo is one part of the former territory of OEnam Kingdom. The first king was To Oematan (To Luke’mtasa). At that time To Oematan was a fetor of Mollo, but when the kingdom of Mollo was formed, he was immediately appointed as king and signed Korte Verklaring on May 10, 1916. But earlier To Oematan together with Usif Nunbena Bait Oematan (Bait Kaunan) and Moeb Baki Phobia had signed a pledge of allegiance to Queen Welhelmina and the appointment of the Dutch Governor General in Batavia on 19 April 1907 at Kapan. However, when the King To Oematan reigned in the Kingdom of Mollo is not known with certainty. However, it is thought that he began to rule after the Nefo Besak War around 1906. One of the most important and very useful things for the Mollo people undertaken by Raja To Oematan during his reign was the establishment of the Volks School in 1908 in Nefokoko which was later transferred to When in 1910. After some time the King To Oematan ruled, he handed over to his interpreter, Lay A Koen (Tableak Oematan) or Wellem Fredik Hendrik Oematan to perform his duties as King Mollo.

Map of kingdoms on Timor  1900

List of kings of Mollo

To Oematan
As fetor Mollo, To Oematan (to Luke’mtasa) he was installed as first king 10 Mei 1916.
2. Tabelak Oematan
Second king of Mollo, Tabelak Oematan (baptismal name Welem Frederick Henderik Oematan), was a foster child also a nephew from To Oematan. The original table named Lay A Koen (sister of To Oematan’s son who married a Chinese descendant), Lay A Koen’s crowning as king of Mollo itself was agreed upon by fetor Nun Bena, Netpala fetor, Bes-Ana fetor and Tobu fetor.
King Tableak married the daughter of King Korbafo (of Rote) named Luisa Manubulu and had children: Welem Cornelis Henderik Oematan (former regent of Kupang first) and Semuel Soleman Henderik Oematan (former first North Mollo district).
3. Kono Oematan
He is from Nunbena, he ruled about 3,5 years.
4. Raja Tua Sonba’i (ruled 30-10-1933 – 12-04-1959)
He ruled Mollo for 26 years.
5. Raja Semuel Soleman Henderik Oematan
Is the second child of Tableak Oematan, also is the first sub-district ruler of North Mollo, because during his reign the kingdom of Mollo has switched status to North Mollo sub-district as a result of the transition of Swatantra TTS into TTS District. So that his occupation as king of Mollo is only the highest symbol and the unifying tool of the Mollo community.
6. Raja Edison Richard Ferdinand Oematan (installed in Sonaf Ajaobaki, 12 Juli 2001)
Is the second child of King Semuel Soleman Henderik Oematan.

The Palace

Sonaf Aijaobaki is the center of the Kingdom of Mollo and to this day the palace and its heritage still exist and are preserved. This ajaobaki palace became the residence of the kings of Mollo and its descendants. Currently the Ajaobaki palace becomes an extraordinary historical tourist attraction.
Inside this palace there are objects, the remains of the king of Mollo which are still preserved. Currently the Ajaobaki palace is visited by many tourists from both the TTS District and from outside, who want to know the story of the history of the kingdom of Mollo.

Old maps of Timor

For old maps of Timor  1521, 1550, 1600, 1650, 1733, 1700-an, 1762, 1900: klik here

Timor tahun 1521

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kerajaan Mollo:
Sejarah kerajaan Mollo:
Sejarah kerajaan Mollo:

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